The last 2 phases
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The Last 2 Phases. Final Construction (today) User Materials Exercise 14 – Preliminary Lists for Deliveries 2 & 4 Moving to Production (after today) Testing Maintenance Production Return Project Charters. Always think about what’s next. TODAY. THURSDAY.

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The last 2 phases

The Last 2 Phases

Final Construction (today)

User Materials

Exercise 14 – Preliminary Lists for Deliveries 2 & 4

Moving to Production (after today)




Return Project Charters

Always think about what s next1
Always think about what’s next

  • Tuesday April 15 – Red / Yellow / Green exercise – in class

  • Thursday April 17 – Client work day

  • Tuesday April 22 – Review for exam 2 – OR – client work day

  • Thursday April 24 – Exam 2 (optional – let us know)

  • Tuesday April 29th – 3-5 presentations (which teams?)

  • Thursday May 1st – 3-5 presentations (which teams?)

Development production
Development  Production

Interim status report 2 checklist
Interim Status Report (#2) Checklist

  • Use your Delivery 2 & 4 Specifications to check that everything is included. (Client Delivery 2 – Thursday 17th – 2:00 p.m. )

  • Interim Status Report—Your document should clearly tell your IT supervisors and your client:

    • What has been done

    • What the schedule is for final completion – Be transparent

    • What is the expected outcome of this project (it may have changed since Delivery 1)

    • Samples of your final deliveries

    • Optional – “For Professor’s Eyes only”

  • Your cover sheet should let us know

    • when your client will see your report & software-to-date

    • access information to allow evaluation of your software progress.

Code review
Code Review

Tip: Code and Interface Review Rubric--checklist for TAs is on April 11th

Final delivery 4 checklist
Final Delivery (#4) Checklist

  • Final Delivery--Note that there should be no planning documents. (Thursday May 8th)

    • No document labeled “plan” from Delivery #1 or #2 should be included in the Final Delivery. If revised versions of those documents are included, they should be re-named “Guide” rather than “Plan.”

    • Be sure to change “tense” in your document.

  • Again…your cover sheet should let us know

    • when your client will see report & completed software

    • access information to allow evaluation of your software

  • Peer evaluations are due with the Final Delivery

Delivery 2 is a user testof your materials

User Interaction



Test data,





Status Memo



Quick Reference


These 3 sections are an early draft of your final delivery.

Sample Pages

Table of


Table of Contents





Sample Pages

Test Specs

Table of Contents

Test Plan

User Materials

(to Date)


Developers’ Materials *

(to Date)

Test Materials *

(to Date)


* Put as much help material as you can directly into your system.



Client project final delivery
Client Project Final Delivery

  • Think about:

    • Who are the users?

    • What are the main user events? (i.e. How will they use the system?)

    • What are the most critical parts to users?

    • How does this relate to testing?

    • What is your users’ experience level?

    • How does this relate to your training?

Development production1
Development  Production

Where do the user testing activities fit on the Gantt Chart ?

Zach scott theatre client project
Zach Scott Theatre – Client Project

There were 5 semesters a year.

A volunteer handled all typing & data entry.

Sandie had a shoe box of notes about people who called her about classes.

She wanted these on a computer for easy label printing.

Best materials
Best Materials?

User or Developer Manual

Online help


Tutorial -- Snag-it, Jing

Announcement email or mailing to users

Slide show for staff training

Other ideas?

Installation guide
Installation Guide

Team Alief Lisa Chow Joseph Lam James Le Tam Le Sanju Patel Fall 2004

Do you need a QRG

(Quick Reference Guide)

Quick reference guide for non technical users
Quick Reference Guide – for non-technical users

Quick reference guide one page reference training
Quick Reference Guide – one page reference & training

Ongoing training and user support
Ongoing Training and User Support

  • User support covers training and user assistance that occurs after installation

    • On-line documentation and troubleshooting

    • Resident experts

    • Help desk

    • Technical support

Maintenance and system enhancement
Maintenance and System Enhancement

  • Modification of software after delivery to correct faults, improve performance, or adapt the product to a changed environment

    • Tracking modification requests and changes.

      • Do this even if clients don’t continue!


    • Implementing changes

    • Monitoring system performance

    • Upgrading hardware/software

    • Updating documentation

Exercise 14 user materials
Exercise 14 – User Materials

Who are your internal users?

Who are your external users?

 To whom will you turn over your system at the Go Live point?

 Who are the developers who will replace you at the Go Live point ?

Go back to your organizational impact non functional requirements
Go back to your Organizational Impact & Non-functional Requirements

Who are your users?

What matters most ? Operations ? Or reaching new clients?

Who will troubleshoot and maintain your system?

Who will enhance your system?

Murphy was an optimist
Murphy was an optimist Requirements

  • Murphy’s “Law’ say “what can go wrong, will”

  • What could go wrong with your project?

  • Your code doesn’t work

  • Your client(s) die / move away suddenly

  • One of your teammates doesn’t do his / her work on time

  • And … any of a million other things.

  • What if something does go wrong?

Due date reminders
Due Date Reminders Requirements