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System Of A Down

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System Of A Down. By Carissa McGrath Period 2. I chose System Of A Down because…. DARON MALAKIAN -Guitar. SERJ TANKIAN- Vocal.

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system of a down

System Of A Down

By Carissa McGrath

Period 2

i chose system of a down because
I chose System Of A Down because…



I choose System of a Down because I like their music and they are very talented. they are also a mix of different styles. Also because they are one of my favorite bands.




System of A Down’s self titled album was their first album. It was released in 1998. It had song the song Sugar which was popular then.

This was system of a downs second album it was released in 2001 this album was called Toxicity and included the songs prison song and chop suey.

This was SOAD’s 3rd album it was released in 2002 and had the song A.D.D. (American Dream Denial).

This was SOAD’s 4th album it was released in 2005. It has the very popular songs BYOB, Cigaro, and Revenga.

This was SOAD’s 5th and most recent album it was released in 2005 along with its partner mezmerize. It has the songs Soldier Side and Attack.

alt nation
Alt Nation

My company Alt Nation works with musical artists and tries to book shows, record their songs and to get them known by as many people as possible.

friendly letter
Friendly Letter

A friendly letter is a letter written in a less formal way and more personal.

The five parts of a friendly letter are the heading, the greeting, the body, the complimentary close, and the signature line. It should begin with a dear and use the person’s name. If you write one you should tell who ever you write to what you need or want to tell them. A friendly letter normally ends with a signature. You should also include address and the date in the letter.

block letter
Block Letter

A block letter is used for business. Also for a more formal letter.

final thoughts
Final Thoughts

I thought that over all this project was easy. I didn’t have a problem with any one assignment.I liked making the logo and the discography because they were both creative in some way and that’s what I like to do.