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A Year Down Yonder

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A Year Down Yonder
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A Year Down Yonder

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  1. A Year Down Yonder By: Richard Peck

  2. Teacher Question • Mary Alice comes from the city to live in the country with Grandma Dowdel. How does she react to this new place and situation? (use specific passages and details from the book to prove your points. Thinking point…she is referred to as being "like a fish out of water." Do you feel this is an accurate way to describe Mary Alice's situation? • OR • Grandma Dowdel is a larger than life character. She “drew nearer till she blotted out the day.” when she met Mary Alice. She is often quite gruff as well. Describe two situations that stand out the most to you that show Grandma Dowdel’s unique personality.

  3. Teacher Question • As Grandma shakes the pecans from Old Man Nyquist's tree and plucks the Pensingers' pumpkins for the Halloween pies, Mary Alice asks, "Grandma, that wasn't stealing, was it?" Evaluate Grandma's actions. Do you think she was stealing? Why or why not? OR • Throughout the novel Grandma and Mary Alice never state that they love each other. Cite examples from the book that show their feelings.

  4. Teacher Question What do you think Mary Alice means when she says that Grandma has “eyes in the back of her heart”? OR What are some of the things about Grandma that Mary Alice says she’ll carry with her through life? OR Describe how Mary Alice changes over the course of her year with Grandma Dowdel.