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INNER CIRCLE At AISB. Our Hero: Max Inventor, builder, dreamer, artist. Started Organically…. Designed to support one higher-needs child socially Developed due to parent concern, child’s expressed sadness about his social world

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Inner circle at aisb


Our hero max inventor builder dreamer artist
Our Hero: MaxInventor, builder, dreamer, artist

Started organically
Started Organically…

  • Designed to support one higher-needs child socially

  • Developed due to parent concern, child’s expressed sadness about his social world

  • Involved the child at inception and in process, and with his input-but not at all times

  • First involved only his class

  • Was entirely voluntary

  • Met weekly (but was divided by classes)

  • Evaluated its goals

  • Grew to the entire grade level due to peer concern

  • Was ultimately a success for the child and peers

  • Moved with the child to the next grade level; involved more students second year; processes continued.

Changed form its third year
Changed Form its Third Year

  • Was conceived to support any child in need at any time in any grade 1st-4th (5th grade had another format for peer support)

  • Involved every child as a member during the year

  • Needs broadened to include new/arriving kids, anyone socially isolated, anyone needing support at recess, cafeteria

  • Simple conflict resolution process was third tier task for grades 2nd-4th (and 5th)


  • To meet weekly on designated days/times

  • Includes ¼ of the Elementary students for one quarter of the year-then continues for them as they wish outside of meetings (Once in Inner Circle, Always in Inner Circle!)

  • Addresses the difficulty of being new from their own experiences, and what might have helped them

  • Provides a chart of new kids (updated) and asks them to mark those for whom efforts of welcome are made

  • Asks members to broaden support to new individuals within the grade level

  • Asks members to be vigilant leaders on playground and within school in general

  • Is ready to return to original purpose as needed (occurring now)

  • Offers activities to educate socially-emotionally, with discussion and games (more work to do!)

Teaches simple conflict resolution
Teaches Simple Conflict Resolution

  • Uses a simple protocol

  • Is practiced in our group meetings

  • Never used in physical altercation

  • Used only when welcomed

  • Is documented after the event

In the future
In the future…

  • Continue to systematize the program

  • Develop more curriculum to be used within the short 8-9 week span each child is an active member

  • Further liason with teachers about what is happening in our sessions and report responses and successes