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health and care support within social care application n.
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Health and care support within social care application PowerPoint Presentation
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Health and care support within social care application

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Health and care support within social care application

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  1. Health and care support within social care application Karen Helbrow Futures +

  2. Health checks in social care Social care staff have tools to ensure that health care needs are identified and strategies are in place to ensure they are meet. Many social care staff have not received any formal medical or nurse training.

  3. Health check tools Principles of health action planning • Rights • Independence • Choice • Inclusion

  4. Health check tools Health check via health professionals • Yearly • Via the GP surgery • Based on Cardiff health screen

  5. Health check tools Health action plans • Inform the support worker on the person’s health care needs • Guide people to best practise • Identify bench marks for good health care • Acknowledge areas in need of development

  6. Health check tools Health action plans • Help the support network keep the person healthy • Highlight areas that may require specialist input or knowledge and guidance • Link people to services

  7. Health check tools Health action plans • Based on evidence and good practise • Provide information on issues connected to the persons disability and current health • Provide opportunity for the person and their support network to think about the impact of current or potential health issues

  8. Health check tools Health action plans • Inform on possible issues such as medication side effects • Inform on what action is required to ensure good health care • Inform which health services are accessed

  9. Health check tools Patient Passport • Short pieces of key information • Snap shot of the individual • Starting point for health care needs

  10. Health check tools Possible barriers • Consent • Capacity • Access • Family carer • Lack of knowledge- supervision of support staff

  11. Health Action Plan Pathway Patient Passport Mini Health Action Plan Health Action Plan To be used for emergency admission in hospital. Starting to think about health needs. To be used to gather more information about health needs. Thinking about what type of support would improve health appointments. Thinking about health goals and actions To be used if people are moving out of their family home. If people are changing care providers. If people have lots of health needs or complex health needs. If people have significant health goals or life style changes they wish to achieve.

  12. Social care network Care management • Assess for care and support needs • Review care needs • Two levels of staff Assessment officers – Care co-ordinators • Fund holders and also have a charging policy

  13. Reasonable adjustments How to help • Time of appointments • Length of appointments • Facilities (Hoist) • Simple language • Simple questions • Written information

  14. Social care network Care management • Critical and upper substantial main focus • Sign post • General practitioners

  15. Single Intake Duty Team To deliver a consistent response across the East Riding and improve the information, advise and support given to people contacting adult social care – be that people who are eligible for support from the Local Authority, or those who are funding care for themselves. Single intake and duty team (SIDT) 01482 393939

  16. Safeguarding Safeguarding Adults • If you are concerned that someone is being abused or is at risk of abuse, or if you have a concern about a specific incident relating to abuse, you should contact the safeguarding adults team. You can contact the team with any enquiries. • Email: • All referrals to the safeguarding adults team will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. • In an emergency outside of hours contact the emergency duty team on 01377 241273.

  17. Specialist teams Futures + • Young people and adults • Person Centred Planning • Health Action Planning • Independent Travel Training • Sign Posting to other organisations • Main focus of independence and inclusion

  18. Influences • Funding changes • Role and remits • Service delivery plans • Care Bill • Welfare reform • Employment as an option

  19. Thank you Thank you for your time Any questions or comments?