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Health and Social Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

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Health and Social Care

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  1. TASK 1

  2. INTRODUCTION Health and social care organizations are working and developing the plan according to the needs and requirements of the society as well the specific issues related to the health of the people. The presentation will analyze impact of external environmental factors as well evaluate the ways in which organization could respond with the external factors.


  4. IMPACT OF EXTERNAL FACTORS • Political factors: The government has defined different policies and regulations for local and national level health care organizations which have direct impact on the functional activities of these organizations. • Economical factors: The business partnerships of health care organizations get influenced as the economical fluctuation arise.

  5. Conti.. • Social factor:The social factors like value and belief of community are not having much impact on the health care services as these functions cannot be changed • Technological changes: For health and social care services, role of technology is important as it helps to maintain the effectiveness and superiority in the services.

  6. Legal factors:For VSO, follow-up of legal competencies like equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and NHSLA regulatory framework have positive impact as the patients have trust on the quality. • Environmental factors:The changing environmental conditions and insufficient waste management is influencing the working of charitable trust.

  7. ORGANIZATIONAL RESPONSE TO EXTERNAL FACTORS The different departments of VSO are coordinating with each other and implementing the changes with delegation. For economical and environmental changes the organization has appointed the advisers and agencies that are forecasting the upcoming condition which helping VSO management to develop the prior plan for fund allocation and arrangement of resources.

  8. For dealing with the issues and factors that affecting the organizational works the management is using legal procedure for encountering the issues. The involvement of employees and other stakeholders is helping VSO management to respond in positive manners to overcome the impact of technological changes by providing training and information about the new process.

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