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M&A Brand Diligence PowerPoint Presentation
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M&A Brand Diligence

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M&A Brand Diligence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M&A Brand Diligence. January 2013. Presentation Topics. What is Brand Diligence?. Brand diligence is a formal process that allows an organization to assess another organization’s brand assets. It examines the risks and rewards associated with managing brand assets post M&A. . Why It Matters.

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Presentation Transcript
what is brand diligence
What is Brand Diligence?
  • Brand diligence is a formal process that allows an organization to assess another organization’s brand assets. It examines the risks and rewards associated with managing brand assets post M&A.
why it matters
Why It Matters
  • Brands are critical strategic business assets
  • Higher risk for costly mistakes post M&A
  • Research shows that outperformers recognize brand & corporate character as an invaluable tool
a robust indicator
A Robust Indicator
  • The corporate brand is the single greatest indicator of what an organization values: its culture, leadership style and how it operates and performs on a day-to-day level.
outperformers build momentum
Outperformers Build Momentum
  • A recent study by IBM revealed that CMOs who “outperform” view having a clear corporate brand character as fundamental to their company’s success. 
  • They recognize that what their company believes and how it subsequently behaves are as important as to what it sells.
  • These CMOs make it their job to make sure that management and employees exemplify and live the brand.
the distinction
The Distinction

Brand Diligence

Due Diligence

  • Qualitative & quantitative
  • Comprehensive review of tangible and intangible assets:
    • Legal review
    • Market review
    • Competitive review
    • Brand image review
    • Branded organization review
  • Heavily quantitative
  • Comprehensive financial examination:
    • Assess costs & risks
    • Identify valuation opportunities
    • Assess management
the omission challenge
The Omission Challenge
  • By underestimating the role of brand during M&A, an organization overlooks significant cues for success and failure.
    • Slower integration momentum
    • Heightens political jockeying
    • Drains organizational morale
    • Violates the #1 rule for maintaining brand performance – protect the customer
    • Increase probability for misguided decisions by executives
benefits facilitate stronger performance
Benefits Facilitate Stronger Performance
  • Expedite the integration process
  • Use resources more effectively
  • Sharpen executive acumen
  • Leads to better long-term decision making
  • Optimize revenue goals more quickly
  • Decrease the overall cost, fatigue and churn associated with post-merger integration
  • Gain immediate foothold on brand assets
  • Facilitates brand and business alignment
  • Develop smoother brand migrations
  • Translate data and insight into three primary directives:

Do we invest?

Do we continue to maintain?

Do we retire brand assets?


There are two roles for the corporate brand to play during M&A; either as a lightening rod for organizational conflict and disruption or as bridge to synergy and high performance.

brand diligence methodology approach
Brand Diligence Methodology: Approach
  • Disciplined
  • Practical
  • Iterative
  • Humanistic
  • Outside-In & Inside-Out
  • Holistic
  • Independent
brand diligence methodology metrics
Brand Diligence Methodology: Metrics

(across brand attributes)

(overall composite/dedicated resources)

(favorability/loyaltytoward the brand)


why tugboat
Why Tugboat


  • Been operating as an independent firm since 2001. Each one of our team members is a seasoned pro in their respective field of expertise.


  • Blue chip client base with thorny complexity. Emerson, BlackBaud, Harris, Symmetricom, Wonderlic.


  • Agile and cost effective business model


  • Heavily focused on tying brand to business performance
tugboat services
Tugboat Services

Brand Diligence

Brand Architecture & Portfolio Management

Brand Purpose

Business Alignment

Predictive Analytics (coming soon!)

Corporate Identity

Product Identity

Name Development

Brand Guidelines

Marcom Development


Advertising Campaigns


PR Messaging

Corporate Communications



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