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Dog Handling

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Dog Handling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ohio State University Extension. Dog Handling. Penne Smith and Kristen VanNess. Ohio State University Extension. Collars Allowed in the Ring. Buckle Collar Martingale Collar. Ohio State University Extension. Collars Allowed in the Ring.

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Dog Handling

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dog handling

Ohio State University Extension

Dog Handling

Penne Smith and Kristen VanNess

collars allowed in the ring1

Ohio State University Extension

Collars Allowed in the Ring

Slip Collar/Choke Chain Head Halter

* Some events

safety concerns

Ohio State University Extension

Safety Concerns

All four paws should stay on ground

Collars should not be continuously tight (especially slip collars and head halters)

Dogs can pull many times their own weight. Be aware of smaller kids with strong dogs

Weight/size of leads compared to dog size

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Ohio State University Extension

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Ohio State University Extension

Flickr: Chris Barker Flickr: akeg

flickr robotpolisher

Ohio State University Extension

Flickr: robotpolisher

flickr louise beebe memorial library

Ohio State University Extension

Flickr: Louise Beebe Memorial Library

greeting dogs

Ohio State University Extension

Greeting Dogs

Flickr: LauraT

Ask the dog (read body language). Stressed dogs and excited dogs should not be pet.

Ask the owner, avoid direct eye contact, let the dog approach. Pet on shoulder/chest, not over head.

One person at a time.


Ohio State University Extension


Flicker: SimonT

Flickr: Jim’s Photos 1

flight zone

Ohio State University Extension

Flight Zone

  • Approximately 9’ in dogs
  • Increased in stressed or excited animals

Flickr: Blue Square Thing

appropriate help for behavior problems evaluation

Ohio State University Extension

Appropriate Help for Behavior Problems/Evaluation

Only veterinarians can make a diagnosis/treatment plan

Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist

Meghan Herron DVM - OSU

Behavior - specific veterinarian

Elizabeht Feltes DVM - The Behavior Clinic - Olmstead Falls (NE Ohio)

participation options for inappropriate dogs

Ohio State University Extension

Participation Options for Inappropriate Dogs

Choose the right dog project

Dog Achievement Program

Self Determined Project

Club Level Judging