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Police dog

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police dogs

Police Dogs

Helpers for the police

what are police dogs
What Are Police Dogs?
  • Police dogs are types of dogs that are trained for the police. They need to train very hard and they also help the police catch criminals, guard areas and sniff/find lost people.
training dogs
Training Dogs
  • The dogs mostly used as police dogs are a species called “German Shepherds.”

The training of a general purpose dog is based on a three-stage qualification process and takes approximately eight months. They get trained when they are old enough, (sometimes at different ages.) After they finish training, they are able to work with the police.

different training
Police Dogs do all kinds of different training such as:

Jumping through hoops

Sniffing things out

Search and Rescue work including avalanche rescue

Deployment with the Armed Offender Squad

Firearm detection work

Drug detection in smaller centres that do not have a specialist dog,

and more.

Different Training
are police dogs useful
Are Police Dogs Useful?

Police dogs can help us with many different jobs, such as:

Capturing criminals

Detect drugs

Sniff/find lost people,

and can do much more.

So, police dogs are useful.

dog safety
Dog Safety
  • In 2008/2009 a working group investigated the use of vests for Police Dogs and a trial was conducted using a vest used by Australian Police. The investigation found that the vests would not have offered any protection to any of the dogs killed in New Zealand or any of the serious injuries suffered by dogs in recent years. Over 80% of patrol dogs in New Zealand are involved in tracking (often long distances) and in all weather conditions, and injuries to Police dogs occur when least expected.The investigation found that vests would seriously compromise the effectiveness of New Zealand Police Dog Teams due to the conditions that they work in. However, we will continue to look into advances in protective equipment and practice for dogs and their handlers.A dog's best defence is its natural speed, agility and strength accompanied by safe deployment practice by the handler.  There is a high level of public interest in the health and well-being of our dogs. The safety of Police dogs is of the utmost importance to us, and this is reflected in the very low numbers of injuries and deaths to our dogs when compared to the very high number of incidents they are involved in.In 2009/2010 dogs were injured on only five occasions.  Four of those were minor injuries and one was serious. 
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