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Name ______________________________. Lon Po Po translated and illustrated by Ed Young Prediction

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Name ______________________________

Lon Po Po

translated and illustrated

by Ed Young



Author’s Purpose

inform persuade entertain

  • Lon Po Po

  • Focus Skills:

  • To classify likenesses and differences across texts

  • To read and understand a folktale

  • To effectively compare and contrast

  • Genre

  • Folktale- a story with no known author that has been passed down through time.

  • Summary

  • A mother leaves her daughters at home while she goes to visit their grandmother. A wolf, disguised as the girls’ grandmother, pays a visit. The girls realize the wolf’s trick and outsmart him.

  • Reading Strategy

  • Summarize

  • Good readers are constantly checking to be sure they understand what they read. Pausing to summarize, or briefly retell the most important events, can help them better understand a story.



Why is wolf disguised as an old woman?

Proof that wolf is cunning:

Does the wolf fool the girls?

Yes No

How do you know?



How do you know the wolf thinks the girls will be good to eat?



Are the wolf’s answers to Shang’s questions convincing?

Yes No

How do you know?

Why does Shang tell the wolf about the gingko nuts?



At first she told the wolf

Now she says

How has Shang changed her story about picking the gingko nuts?

Why does Shang want the wolf to come up into the gingko tree?



How does Shang make the wolf’s mouth water?

Is Shang really too small and weak to lift the wolf?

Yes No

Prove It



How do Shang and her sisters convince the wolf to climb into the basket again and again?



What happens to the wolf?




  • Think and Respond

  • 1. What happened to the sisters after their mother left to visit Po Po? Summarize the story.

  • __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Why does Shang tell the wolf how tender and soft the gingko nuts are?

  • ____________________________________________________________________

  • Do the children let go of the basket by accident or on purpose? How do you know?

  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • What do you think the girls’ mother will say when she hears their story?

  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Use the graphic organizer to answer the following questions.

  • What is Po Po the Chinese word for?

  • Why does Mother leave the children alone in the house?

  • Why does the wolf disguise himself as an old woman?

  • What is the wolf telling the children when he says,”All the chicks are in the coop?”

  • Who discovers that the old woman is really a wolf?

  • How does Shang figure out how to get away from the wolf?

  • Where do gingko nuts grow?

  • What does Shang tell the wolf to get him into the basket?

  • Why couldn’t the wolf climb the tree?

  • What does “the wolf’s heart broke to pieces” mean?

  • What kind of story is Lon Po Po most like?

  • How does Shang talk the wolf into wanting gingko nuts?

  • How does Shang get rid of the wolf?