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Microsoft Word Toolbars and Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Word Toolbars and Vocabulary

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Microsoft Word Toolbars and Vocabulary
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Microsoft Word Toolbars and Vocabulary

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  1. Microsoft Word Toolbars and Vocabulary How to Find Missing Toolbars Standard Toolbar Formatting Toolbar Drawing Toolbar WordArt Toolbar Picture Toolbar List of all 5 Toolbars Vocabulary Created by: Lisa George and Peggy Hanzlik November 2005

  2. How To Find Missing Toolbars • Click on View • Choose Toolbars • Click on the Toolbar you are missing. Hint: If there is a Check Mark in front of the Toolbar name, it is already on your screen. It may have attached to another toolbar. BACK

  3. Standard Toolbar Print (to the black printer) Copy Help Format Painter Show/ Hide InsertColumns Open Spell Check Redo Save (to the computer) Cut InsertTable Undo Print Preview Paste Zoom New Document Add the Drawing Toolbar BACK

  4. Formatting Toolbar Decrease Indent Font Color Full Justify Underline Borders Font Bold Numbering Center Align Font Size Left Align Line Spacing Highlighter Italics Bullets Right Align Increase Indent BACK

  5. Drawing Toolbar Dash Style Fill Color Insert WordArt Shadow Style Draw AutoShapes Font Color Insert Clip Art Arrow Oval Group Order Rotate/Flip Text Wrap Change AutoShape Insert Picture From File Line Line Style Rectangle 3-D Style Insert Diagram or Chart Arrow Style Line Color Text Box BACK

  6. Picture Toolbar Format Picture Compress Picture Less Contrast Less Brightness Reset Picture Rotate Washout Set Transparent Color Insert Picture from File More Brightness Text Wrapping More Contrast Crop Line Style BACK

  7. WordArt Toolbar WordArt Character Spacing Format Picture Line Color Fill Color WordArt Vertical Text Edit Text Text Wrapping Insert WordArt WordArt Gallery Shape WordArt Alignment WordArt Same Letter Heights BACK

  8. All 5 Toolbars BACK

  9. Word Document Vocabulary Click here to see a hard copy of a labeled Word Document • Click below to watch video BACK

  10. BACK