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Vocabulary Word:

Vocabulary Word:

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Vocabulary Word:

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  1. Vocabulary Word: Accolade (n): An expression of approval; an award

  2. Impromptu Topic #1 Convince us to vote for you as President of the USA.

  3. Vocabulary Word: Acrimony (n): Bitter, sharp hostility, especially in speech

  4. Impromptu Topic #2 Explain three uses for a pencil besides for writing.

  5. Vocabulary Word: Angst (n): A feeling of anxiety or apprehension

  6. Impromptu Topic #3 Explain which letter of the alphabet is the best and why.

  7. Vocabulary Word: Boondoggle (n): An unnecessary or wasteful activity

  8. Impromptu Topic #4 If I could only eat three foods forever…

  9. Vocabulary Word: Bravado (n): A show of bravery or defiance intended to impress

  10. Impromptu Topic #5 The animal that is closest to my personality is…

  11. Vocabulary Word: Brusque (n): Abrupt and curt in manner or speech; rudely blunt

  12. Impromptu Topic #8 You are an ant. Convince an anteater not to eat you.

  13. Vocabulary Word: Cabalistic (adj): Having a secret or hidden meaning

  14. Impromptu Topic #6 Convince us that homework is bad for your health.

  15. Vocabulary Word: Capricious(adj) Impulsive and unpredictable

  16. Impromptu Topic #7 3 foods I’ll never eat…

  17. Vocabulary Word: Carte blanche (noun) Unrestricted, unconditional authority

  18. Impromptu Topic #6 The top three jobs I want…

  19. Vocabulary Word: Catch-22 (noun) A set of contradictory rules that make it impossible to attain a desired outcome

  20. Vocabulary Enrichment: Catch-22 was invented by Joseph Heller in his 1955 novel, Catch-22, which takes place in Italy during WWII. When the main character, a pilot, asks if it is possible to be grounded for insanity, here is the answer:

  21. Vocabulary Enrichment: “There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn’t, but if he was sane he had to fly them.”

  22. Impromptu Topic #11 You are a salesperson trying to sell us the shoes you have on.

  23. Vocabulary Word: Caustic (adj): Critical or sarcastic; cutting

  24. Impromptu Topic #15 If you could only wear one outfit of clothes for the rest of your life, what would you wear?

  25. Impromptu Topic #13 You are a mad scientist. Tell us about your latest invention.

  26. Vocabulary Word: Disheveled (adj): Marked by disorder; untidy

  27. Impromptu Topic #9 If you could choose three other people to be stranded on a desert island with, who would they be and why?

  28. Vocabulary Word: Ennui (noun): Listlessness and boredom resulting from lack of interest

  29. Impromptu Topic #20 If I could design a high school building, it would have…

  30. Vocabulary Word: Esoteric (adj): Intended for or understood by only a restricted number of people.

  31. Impromptu Topic #18 If I had a million dollars to give away…

  32. Vocabulary Word: Fastidious (adj): Displaying meticulous attention to detail

  33. Impromptu Topic #21 If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive…

  34. Vocabulary Word: Faus Pas (noun): A social blunder

  35. Impromptu Topic #22 If I could travel through time to two places/times…

  36. Vocabulary Word: Freudian Slip (noun): A verbal mistake thought to reveal an unconscious belief, thought, or emotion

  37. Impromptu Topic #24 If I could be a certain age forever…

  38. Vocabulary Word: Glib (adj): Performed with a natural, offhand ease

  39. Impromptu Topic #25 The worst chores to do at home are…

  40. Vocabulary Word: Heresy (noun): An opinion or teaching in conflict with established beliefs and opinions

  41. Impromptu Topic #27 Make up a three-sentence story using the following items/people: Cabbage A pencil Brad Pitt

  42. Vocabulary Word: Idyllic (adj): Tranquil, carefree, or picturesque

  43. Impromptu Topic #19 If dogs ruled the world, what three things would change?

  44. Vocabulary Word: Junket (noun): A trip taken by an official at public expense

  45. Impromptu Topic #19 What are three things that the man/woman of your dreams could do to win your heart?

  46. Vocabulary Word: Kitsch (noun): Art or other objects appealing to popular taste, usually gaudy or overly sentimental

  47. Vocabulary Word: Litany (noun): A repetitive recital or list

  48. Impromptu Topic #24 Three things that I’d change if I ruled the world are…

  49. Vocabulary Word: Lurid (adj): Vivid description or explicit details meant to shock

  50. Vocabulary Word: Machiavellian (adj): Characterized by cunning and deceit