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Reconstructing the Nation

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Reconstructing the Nation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reconstructing the Nation. Reconstruction Plans. Presidential . Congressional. Opposed the Presidential reconstruction plan Opposed Black Codes “Radical Republicans” favored granting voting rights and equal treatment to freed slaves

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reconstruction plans
Reconstruction Plans



Opposed the Presidential reconstruction plan

Opposed Black Codes

“Radical Republicans” favored granting voting rights and equal treatment to freed slaves

More moderate Republicans opposed equality for freed slaves

  • 10% of southern citizens must take oath of allegiance to rejoin Union.
  • Ratify the 13th amendment
  • President Johnson removed 10% rule .
  • More lenient plan so that states could easily rejoin the Union and the nation could move on.
reconstruction act of 1867
Reconstruction Act of 1867
  • Put South under military rule
  • Ordered southern states to elect delegates and rewrite new state constitutions
  • Required states to allow all qualified votes to vote
  • Barred southerners who supported the Confederacy from voting
  • Required southern states to guarantee equal rights to all citizens
  • Required states to ratify the 14th amendment
taking control of the south
Taking Control of the South

1. How was the South divided by the Act?

2. Who maintained order and enforced the law in each district?

3. What were southerners forced to do which was unacceptable?

impeachment of the president
Impeachment of the President
  • Impeach: to charge an official of a wrongdoing
  • President Johnson loudly opposed Radical Reconstruction
  • As revenge, Congress began a impeachment trial for violating federal law
  • Johnson’s job was spared by one vote.
  • Proved that a dispute with Congress could remove a President from office.
reconstruction amendments
Reconstruction Amendments

13th: outlawed slavery

14th: guaranteed equal protection of all laws to all citizens

15th: granted voting rights to African American males

plessy v ferguson
Plessy v. Ferguson
  • What did the Supreme Court mean in Plessy v. Ferguson?
  • Define “separate but equal”.
  • Give some examples of segregation.
  • What might the nation be like if the 1st civil rights movement had been successful?
helping the freedmen
Helping the Freedmen
  • Freedmen’s Bureau: provided food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and other resources to freed slaves.
  • Supported by the federal government.
end of reconstruction
End of Reconstruction



1. Most southern blacks remained in poverty

2. Southern governments and terror groups denied African Americans the right to vote

3. Racist attitudes continued

4. Southern bitterness toward north & government

5. Slow southern industrialization

  • Union was rebuilt & began repairs to war-torn South
  • Stimulated the economy
  • 14th and 15th amendments passed
  • Freedmen’s Bureau helped black families find housing, jobs and schooling
  • Southern states adopted mandatory education system