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Concord Elevation

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Concord Elevation

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Concord Elevation

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  1. Concord Elevation 1

  2. Concord Elevation “Both Vertical & Horizontal Flexibility” Concord Products Company has raised the standards of height adjustable table/desks to new levels. • 25.5”-44.5” for a single stage surface height adjustment range. 23”-49” for a two stage surface height adjustable range. • Work surface widths up to 78” wide. Can be elevated using concord surface support bar stiffener. • Eliminates an inventory need for multiple table legs due to its, universal micro-processor controller. 2

  3. ELEVATION 120 Degree Angle Workstation Concord Elevation “Exceeds ANSI/AFES 100-2007 Human Factors Engineering Guidelines” Simply put, Concord ELEVATION can accommodate users from the 5th to 95th size percentile class, due to it’s adjustable height range. (exceed ANSI/AFES 100-2007 human factors engineering guidelines for adjustable height workstations) 3

  4. Concord Elevation “Digital Readout for Accurate Height Settings” • Digital readout switch with 3 memory presets or a simple up/down toggle option • Digital readout controller assures for accurate height settings and for multi-user application 4

  5. Concord Elevation fitness switch option • Concord Health and Wellness monitor switch • Concord has added a health and wellness tool helping user engage with their adjustable height work surface. • Most researchers recommend that sedentary work be shortened by at least two hours during the average work day. • Controls maximum sedentary duration to 1 hr periods. Helps “switch on the body’s enzymes” to promote better circulation and health. • Concord has added an alarm to tell user it is time to stand. “Elevations has risen to new heights…fitness switch!” • Concord Health and Wellness monitor switch • Cal/Min: Count standing min and calories • Report: Track desk use (total number of adjustments and total number of adjustments from sit to stand. • Alarm: Remind yourself to stand 5

  6. Concord Elevation “Adapts to workstation applications. Converting existing worktops to height adjustable tables” • ELEVATION units are workstation friendly by its ability to allow for optional under storage cabinetry to fit smartly within users reach. • No crossbar impediments. • Each 2 or 3 stage height adjustable leg is independent from each other except for the controller cables. Due to micro processor operation switch. 6

  7. Concord Elevation “Sustainability with Energy Conservation Controls” • With a 3 or 4 port controller processor, retrofitting is a snap from a (2) leg configuration to a 3rd or 4th leg and vice versa • A rectangle top configuration can be changed to an “L” or “U” shape by merely adding an ELEVATION leg. • Total facility flexibility with an engineering breakthrough. • Our engineers have developed a control box unit that consumes “zero stand by" power (0.1 watts). Meaning it is asleep until user activates power switch. No other unit can make this claim. 7

  8. Concord Elevation “Heavy Duty Synchronized Motors Lift Easily ” • Height adjustable legs are independent, connected by cables, NO restrictions with crossbars • (2) models to select from with 20” or 25” surface height adjustable range • Retrofit different surface sizes with 1 pair of ELEVATION legs. • Weight capacity at 192 lbs per leg 8

  9. Concord Elevation • Clean, smooth, quiet up/down movement • Fits surfaces 24” to 36”deep • Modular processor with multiple ports allows legs to be added/deleted per field condition/configuration 9

  10. Concord Elevation “Ergonomic Accessories Easily Retro fitted” • ELEVATION curvilinear shape workstation w/sit-stand posimate keyboard surface. • Ergonomic accessories can be easily retrofitted to any shape configuration. 10

  11. Concord Elevation “Accessories” 11