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Turkmenistan. PowerPoint created by: Tami, based on research prior to visiting the country. Where is Turkmenistan?. Central Asia. Country Highlights. President of Turkmenistan: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. Turkmenistan Flag and Emblem. Money is called Manat. Part of the Old Silk Road.

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  1. Turkmenistan PowerPoint created by: Tami, based on research prior to visiting the country

  2. Where is Turkmenistan?

  3. Central Asia

  4. Country Highlights President of Turkmenistan: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow Turkmenistan Flag and Emblem Money is called Manat

  5. Part of the Old Silk Road

  6. Silk Road

  7. Independence • Declared independence October 27th 1991 from the Soviet Union The "Independence Monument" is a monument located in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

  8. Language Official language is Turkman however most locals also speak Russian Russian Alphabet

  9. Capital City: Ashgabat

  10. Ashgabat

  11. Ashgabat

  12. Ashgabat

  13. People of Turkmenistan

  14. Chorek Turkmen bread, being baked. Instead of sitting flat on the bottom of the oven, Turkmen bread is baked stuck to the sides of the oven. The oven (tamdyr) is a 3 foot wide hemisphere, with the opening on the top.

  15. Bilishi Deep-fried meat-filled rolls.

  16. Bogursak Deep-fried fist-sized dough, with or without sugar sprinkled on top.

  17. Chorba Soup (pictured with meat, potato and rice).

  18. Gatlama Deep fried flat bread, with or without sugar on top.

  19. Gay-ysh Noodles with meat, potatoes, onion and green onion or dill on top (if fresh). Served with the broth from the meat.

  20. Grechka Buckwheat noodles, meat and carrots.

  21. Kohlbasa Fried kielbasa with onions and hard boiled eggs.

  22. Landscapes of Turkmenistan Karakum Desert Outside the city of Mary, Turkmenistan Old Nisa

  23. DarvazaNatural Gas Crater still burning since 1971 In 1971 Soviet geologists tapped into the Darvaza area as it is flowing with natural gas. However, when drilling, the rig collapsed which left a gaping hole about 230ft. In an effort to avoid the discharge of poisonous gas, they decided to burn it off in hopes that the fire would use all fuel in days. This proved unsuccessful and the gas is still burning to this day.

  24. Caspian Sea

  25. Mountains

  26. Ashgabat International School(AIS) • Opened in 1994 • Offers high quality “westernized” education for PreK – High School • Current enrollment is approx 170 international students

  27. AIS

  28. AIS

  29. Thank You Please be praying for us and stay in touch with our adventures at: Travelinteacher.org

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