the bayou and the ghost played on a documentary l.
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The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On A documentary PowerPoint Presentation
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The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On A documentary

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The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On A documentary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Metro Teleproductions and the Potomac River Jazz Club present. The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On A documentary. For more information contact: Dave Lilling (301) 608-9077 More Than Just a Music Documentary….

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The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On A documentary

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    1. Metro Teleproductions and the Potomac River Jazz Club present The Bayou…and the Ghost Played OnA documentary For more information contact: Dave Lilling (301) 608-9077

    2. More Than Just a Music Documentary… The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On depicts the life and times of Georgetown’s distinctive musical landmark. From 1953 to 1998, the nation’s most artful musicians dressed The Bayou first in Dixieland Jazz notes, later rock and roll. Dixieland Jazz icons Wild Bill Whelan and Joe Rinaldi provided the Bayou its musical seed; rock heroes Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Foreigner, Kiss and Dire Straits helped the club blossom amid the raucous, anything-goes social landscape of the 1970s. On New Year’s Eve 1998, the last drunk was bounced, the last beer poured and the last note played at The Bayou. Metro Teleproductions captured the final performances, the parting shots and the vivid, waning breaths of a Washington, DC, music legend. Through painstaking research and dozens of interviews with musicians, employees and Bayoupatrons, we’ve fashioned a compelling visual narrative – a story that captures all the club’s rhythms: its development as a unique showplace, its dalliances with Ted Kennedy, Errol Flynn and Mickey Mantle, its debauchery, its dance with death. The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    3. “The Bayou”…a Set List (potential clips, interviews, etc. with…) • Bruce Springsteen • The Nighthawks – “Blue Monday” • Joan Jett • The Police • The Stray Cats • Todd Rundgren • The Slickee Boys • Catfish Hodge • Stephen King (author) • Joe Perry of Aerosmith • Tom Principato • Meatloaf • Eddie Murphy • Little Feat • Facedancer • Hootie & the Blowfish • The Telstars – 1st Bayou House Band • U2’s 1st American Club Date • Nils Lofgren • Foreigner – 1st Club Concert • Dire Straits • B.B. King • Kiss • Southside Johnny • Sam Kinison • The Ramones • Coleman Hawkins & Lester Young • Everything • New Potato Caboose • Chuck Brown • The Pretenders • The Fabulous Thunderbirds • Bill Kirchen & Commander Cody • NRBQ • Eva Cassidy’s Final Performance The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    4. The Bayou… a Preview “My GOD, you just kicked out Mickey Mantle!” Mike Tramonte “I fell in love with The Bayou the first time” Chuck Brown “I caught people having SEX in here!” BartenderAnn Koza “We DID set the stage on fire – that’s a good story!” Face Dancer “Kicked out for drinking ‘Milwaukee’s Best’” Hootie & the Blowfish “Isn’t there ANOTHER place in DC to play?” Todd Rundgren “Cigarette butts, dark old wood and the wonderful smell of old beer” “Some of the Kennedys would show up” Terry Gorka, The Telstars “There was no more significant club in DC” Mike O’Harro The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    5. The Bayou… a Preview “Rock ‘N Roll at its raunchiest” - Tommy “The Matchmaker” “All the great places are closing” Author Stephen King Kevin Costner leaps from Bayou roof -“No Way Out” – 1985 “Everybody was really nervous” - Foreigner’s first club date -1977 “They served drinks, they had a band – they had topless dancers” “My first club gig in DC, I was 15 years old” Tom Principato “GHOST? That was all the damn DRINKING!” Wild Bill Whelan “It’s closing? We’re bad luck. We played Pompeii just before the volcano” Humorist Dave Barry “Dixieland Jazz and Italian Cuisine” Washington Post, 1961 The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    6. “The Bayou”…The Box Office Opens What do baseball Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle and Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant have in common? Both were thrown out of The Bayou. A guy who became an orthopedic surgeon got booted too. Iggy Pop, in a stage-swept moment, spat on the head of an eventual USA Today editor. The impish young lady who paid a roadie to smuggle her into a Kiss show on a covered dolly? She's a social worker. For its 46 years, The Bayou transcended a rollicking music hall; it was a roadhouse through which lives traveled. How the memories rev. Here's your chance to drive that dazzling lane once more. Metro Teleproductions, through the non-profit Potomac River Jazz Club (a 501 (c)(3) organization), seeks tax-deductible contributions to complete post-production on The Bayou . . . and the Ghost Played On, a documentary on Georgetown's unorthodox, bygone music hall. Production costs for this 80-to 90-minute documentary are estimated to exceed $300,000. MTI hopes to elicit the support of production and underwriting partners, and any cultural archeologists keen to unearth musical treasure. Contributions may be made to: Potomac River Jazz Club c/o Metro Teleproductions 1400 East West Highway Suite 628 Silver Spring, MD 20910 Donations may be made online at: Maryland Public Television has agreed in principle to act as regional broadcaster for The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On . MPT reaches nearly 1 million viewers a week across its broadcast market, which includes all of Maryland, the District of Columbia and Delaware, as well as northern Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia.   As presenting station, MPT also seeks to distribute the program to other public television stations through PBS or other mutually approved public television distribution entities.  Available in 98 percent of all U.S. homes, public television reaches more than 65 million people each week and invites them to experience the worlds of science, history, nature, public affairs and art. . The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    7. “The Bayou”…The Stage Is Set You can be an essential part of keeping culture, however dimly lit and loudly played, alive in the memories of those who experienced The Bayou. And for those who were never there, The Bayou…and the Ghost Played On brings the club to life forever, like the ghost himself. As music legends fade away, landmarks crumble, social scenes disintegrate, documentaries like this become more than just entertainment…they become essential electronic history books. We are seeking financial support from producer/underwriter partners. The estimated total production cost for The Bayou project is $315,600. Producer Level: $50,000+ Underwriter Level: $25,000-$50,000 Bayou Booster Level: $10,000-$25,000 Stagehand Level: $5,000-$10,000 Grip Level: $500-$5,000 The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    8. “The Bayou”…Production Style, Content & Budget Production Style Traditional documentary format driven by a compelling narrative, never-seen video and rare audio recordings. Use of hand-held, Steadicam and jib videography. The documentary will appeal to jazz and rock fans, Washington, DC, area natives, history buffs and “party animals.” Content The documentary will include the following topics & items: * Famous performers and performances at The Bayou * Local “legends” * On-camera interviews with performers, fans, employees and music critics * Georgetown history * Video of The Bayou’s demolition * Rare photos, newspaper ads, ticket stubs * Celebrity interviews and stories * Archival film and footage Estimated Production Budget - $315,600 (See separate sheet for specific category items) * Administrative, Legal & Accounting - $32,000 * Pre-Production - $30,000 * Script Development - $24,000 * Producer & Associate Producer - $50,000 * Location Video & Sound - $15,900 * Post-production - $136,000 * Title Search & Transcription - $2,700 * PBS Station Relations Marketing - $20,000 * Website Promotional - $5,000 The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    9. “The Bayou”…Production Team • Producer Dave Lilling is an Emmy Award winner who formed Metro Teleproductions in 1989. He began his broadcasting career after graduating from the University of Maryland. He started as a radio network freelance news and sports reporter. Dave was responsible for breaking some big stories - including the piece that forced Secretary of Interior James Watt's resignation - before making the full-time move to television. He travels extensively throughout the United States and internationally, working in the news, sports, entertainment and political fields. For years, clients such as Court TV, Johnson & Johnson, ESPN, MTV, ABC Sports, Retirement Living TV, Discovery Health and the Department of Justice have relied on Dave's expertise. He regularly lends his services to ABC News in Washington and to Showtime Sports. • Producer and writer Bill Scanlan is a Producer/Announcer for C-SPAN. He is a weekly host of “Washington Journal.” Bill was born in Washington, DC. He earned his BA in Communications at the University of Maryland. Bill worked for DC101 & WWDC in Washington, DC, as an announcer, producer and program director. In 1992, he was hired by Infinity Broadcasting to produce the nationally syndicated “Greaseman” radio show from Los Angeles. He later worked for WARW in Rockville, where he won the Washington Achievement in Radio Award in 1999. Bill was a contributing announcer for C-SPAN's Peabody Award-winning “American Presidents” series. He has worked in a variety of roles on video projects and freelance assignments, including as an Associate Director for ABC News. A guitar player, Bill has followed DC-area music since the days of the Psyche Delly in the early 1970s. • Writer Vinnie Perrone, a freelance writer based in Burtonsville, MD, spent 18 years as a staff writer for The Washington Post. Since resigning in 1997, he has written various works of fiction and nonfiction. He received the 2009 Federico Tesio Award for journalistic contributions to the Maryland horse-racing industry, the 2008 Eclipse Award for the year's outstanding magazine article in the sport and the 1998 Old Hilltop Award for lifetime achievement in the coverage of thoroughbred racing. He earned a BS degree in journalism from the University of Maryland in 1980. • Editor Helene Gross brings a wide variety of experience to The Bayou documentary, spanning the spectrum from music videos to advertising…working with Volvo and Sony Ericsson and many others. She is a Final Cut Pro (FCP) Studio Editor and NLE editor since 1994. Helene recently edited a project for MTI which is now featured on the DARPA website. She has worked with various government agencies as well as private and independent film projects. The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On

    10. The Bayou… the Ghost Lives On in the Demolition Dust The Bayou...and the Ghost Played On