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Chinese Festivals and Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese Festivals and Culture

Chinese Festivals and Culture

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Chinese Festivals and Culture

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  1. Chinese Festivals and Culture

  2. Can you think of any names of different festivals that people celebrate in Hong Kong? • Let’s have a look on the calendar. Any special dates? • Now, let’s take a ride to the following video clip. Click here

  3. What do you do in your favourite festival? • Buy special things….. • Do special things….. • Eat special kinds of food….. • Give and receive things….. • Go to different places…..

  4. Example: Lunar New Year

  5. In this festival, we will……… Name of festival: Lunar New Year Date of festival: January or February Places we go: flower market Things we do: clean our home Things we eat: sweet dumplings Things we receive: lucky money Things we say: Kung Hei Fat Choy

  6. Before the Lunar New Year, we clean our flats and sweep out all the bad luck. Afterwards, we put decorations on the walls to bring us luck and good health. Then we go to the flower market and buy lots of flowers for our home. We also help our parents prepare food for the holiday. At midnight on New Year's Eve, some people light firecrackers to welcome the new year. On New Year's Day, everyone says "Kung Hei Fat Choy" to each other, and our parents give us money in small packets. We visit our family and friends, and some people also watch the New Year Parade. The best thing about the next day is the firework display in Victoria Harbour. It is amazing! At night, the buildings are covered in lights and the fireworks light up the sky. This is my favourite part of the holiday. The Lunar New Year is a great time to visit Hong Kong. There are lots of things to see and do. In Hong Kong we celebrate the start of the year in January or February. We call this the Lunar New Year Festival. About Lunar New Year

  7. Things to note……….. • We use SIMPLE PRESENT tense to describe customs. • We can also use ADJECTIVES to make the texts more interesting and vivid.

  8. Can you guess what are they about? • beautiful • new • bright • noisy • dark • paper • delicious • red • good • tall • lucky

  9. Now, Let’s look at the pictures.Try to use the given adjectives to describe the following pictures.

  10. Can you design a new festival for Hong Kong? • Name of the festival. • Date of the festival. • Length of the festival. • Where we go? • What we do? • What we eat? • What we see? • What we give and receive?