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Paul Maguire Enterprise Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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Paul Maguire Enterprise Ireland

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Paul Maguire Enterprise Ireland
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Paul Maguire Enterprise Ireland

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  1. Biotechnology Commercialisation in Ireland - Looking to the Future Paul Maguire Enterprise Ireland Federal Lab Consortium (FLC) / Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) Regional Meeting - September 20th, 2006 Cumberland, Maryland

  2. ENTERPRISE IRELAND’S KEY ROLE “To accelerate the development of world-class Irish companies to achieve strong positions in global markets resulting in increased national and regional prosperity” 12 Offices in Ireland 34 Offices Overseasincl. 5 in the USA

  3. EI’s US Office Network 16 Employees 4 Employees Canada 3 Employees 1 Employees 2 Employees South America physical office location

  4. “Over eight years Ireland has changed dramatically. With changing times and a great deal of success new challenges and new opportunities have arisen. • Ireland today has: • The lowest level of unemployment in the EU • The second lowest national debt • The second highest minimum wage • The highest investment in the EU on infrastructure • The fastest growth of all OECD countries in spending per capita on health • The most generous tax and welfare system in the world for single income families on the average industrial wage.” Introduction to the Third Government Progress Report, July 2005

  5. Irelands GDP per Capita OECD

  6. R&D Expenditure Gross domestic expenditure on R&D As a percentage of GDP, 2004 2.7 1.2

  7. Life Science investment 2000-04 Investment in R&D Base: €1.3 billion invested in R&D- €645m SFI; €605m HEA.

  8. National Centres National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science NUIG The Trinity Centre for BioEngineering (TCBE) The Bioscience Research Institute University College Cork Conway Institute UCD The Institute of Immunology, located in the Bioscience Building, NUI Maynooth

  9. Life-science Companies • Approx. 70 Indigenous Companies • 17% Diagnostics • 20% Drug Discovery and Development • 17% Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals • 20% Medical Devices • 26% Services and Support Also- Food industry investing heavily in R&D for functional foods

  10. Clusters of Irish Biotech Companies Diagnostic Agri-Food Pharmaceutical Service Bio-Environmental Services Pharmaceutical/Vaccine BELFAST DUBLIN GALWAY CORK

  11. Government Strategy “High levels of investment in research and innovation are essential in order to become a competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy.”

  12. “Over the life of this Strategy we aim to see a doubling of postgraduate researchers, with significant numbers of these going on to take up employment in the enterprise sector. We also aim to ensure more effective commercialisation of the ideas and know-how being generated in our universities and public research institutions, and to forge new partnerships between these institutions and enterprise.” Bertie Ahern T.D. Taoiseach Prime Minister of Ireland

  13. Focus of Strategy • World Class Research • Capturing, Protecting and Commercialising Ideas and Know-how • Research and Development for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth • Science Education and Society • Research in the Public Sector • All-Island and International STI • Implementation “The creation, exploitation and commercialisation of research are critical if Ireland is to overcome competitive threats and sustain its economic momentum.”

  14. Technology Transfer “Transfer of knowledge and technology from higher education institutes into the marketplace is recognised as being of crucial importance in the establishment of a strong research environment and a knowledge-based economy.”

  15. EI-Bio Supports for Biotech. EI Bio is building the biotechnology sector through the strategic commercialisation of research in Ireland. 2 approaches to commercializing research: • Funding mechanisms to provide financial support for the development of these technologies. - support all levels of technology development from proof of concept to commercialisation and beyond. • Commercialization support to help the researcher develop the technology within a commercial context. - On-campus personnel to support all aspects of IP identification, protection and exploitation.

  16. Intellectual Property National Code of Practice for Managing Intellectual Property from Publicly Funded Research- 2004 Research Institute owns the IP National Code of Practice for Managing Intellectual Property from Public-Private Collaborative Research- 2005 Ownership determined by intellectual and financial input and ability to exploit.

  17. Institutional Technology Transfer Strengthening the Technology Transfer Function (The 3rd Stream) Technology Transfer is the link between Research and the Market - Increased funding and support €30m over 5 years. • Integral part of institutional strategy. • Clear realistic goals based on track record. • Based on National Codes of Practice. • Offices resourced appropriately. • Central support provided by EI.

  18. Industry- Academia Linkages Technology Transfer will only occur when university and industry representatives work together for mutual gain. - Industry-led networks (€2m) Industry-informed research projects carried out by academia. - Competence Centres (€10-20m) Long term research programmes in academic centres managed by industry and academia.

  19. Strategic Emphasis Increased emphasis on National Approach to capability building. Overall innovation performance of the economy is not dependant on how specific institutions perform, but rather on how they interact with each other as elements of a collective system of knowledge creation and use. (OECD 1994)

  20. EI Programmes

  21. Infrastructure Basic Research Technology Transfer Investment State Aid

  22. Questions….?

  23. Thank You! Paul Maguire SVP Market Development Enterprise Ireland Washington DC On behalf of Paul Roben Director, Biotechnology Commercialisation Enterprise Ireland