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Maguire Gravimetric Blending PowerPoint Presentation
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Maguire Gravimetric Blending

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Maguire Gravimetric Blending - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maguire Gravimetric Blending.  Introduction. Products & Software. Introduction to Maguire. 22 years manufacturing blending equipment for plastics 1989 : ‘Weigh Scale Blender’ launched 1993 : Becomes the World’s best selling gravimetric blender Sales are close to 3,000 per annum

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Maguire Gravimetric Blending

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 Introduction

Products & Software

introduction to maguire
Introduction to Maguire
  • 22 years manufacturing blending equipment

for plastics

  • 1989 : ‘Weigh Scale Blender’ launched
  • 1993 : Becomes the World’s best selling gravimetric blender
  • Sales are close to 3,000 per annum
  • More than 80 WSB models
  • Wide range of application & throughputs
  • Market Leader
dosing blending

 Dosing & Blending

Traditional Options for Processors

the dosing choices
The Dosing Choices
  • In general, a processor who is going to switch from pre compounded materials to raw materials will have 3 options for mixing.
      • Proportional Valve + Doser
      • Volumetric Blending
      • Gravimetric Blending
dosing by volume
Dosing by Volume
  • The Most Common Methods :
      • ‘Pocketed Wheel’ Metering
      • ‘Screw’ Metering
problems volumetric dosing
Problems : Volumetric Dosing
  • Time consuming manual calibration
  • Skilled personnel required for setting
  • Formulas and process data required for calibration
  • Assumes consistent bulk density of materials
blending requirements
Blending Requirements
  • Minimise labour
  • Minimise involvement of skilled personnel
  • Accurately control material usage
  • Cut waste and scrap
  • Less down time; More production time
  • Repeatability of product
  • Peace of mind
gravimetric blending

 Gravimetric Blending

Introduction to Maguire Technology

why gravimetric
Why Gravimetric ?
  • Technological affordability
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Automatically adjusts for variations in bulk density
  • Calibration is an automatic function
  • Setup in minutes - not hours
  • Measures by Weight - not Volume
  • Eliminates errors calculation
  • Every batch followed by error correction routine
  • Accuracy rises by restricting a slide gate or auger feeder
  • Immune to vibration

1% Setting = Typical accuracy of + / - 0.05 %

maguire further features
Maguire: Further Features
  • Audible & Visible Alarms
  • Lock Out Settings
  • Recipe Storage
  • Password Access
  • Regrind Control
  • Off Line Batch Operation
maguire advantages
Maguire: Advantages
  • Only Gravimetric to mount directly on throat
  • This system will never drop an incomplete batch
  • Automatically adjusts additive quantities

as regrind levels fluctuate

  • Automatic calibration and correction
  • Extremely user friendly
maguire advantages34
Maguire: Advantages
  • Ease of maintenance, few mechanical parts
  • Efficient mixing with no ‘dead spots’
  • Highly accurate
  • Excellent for ISO 9000 Standards
  • Proven with over 11,000 units
  • Quick Clean-out
new developments

 New Developments

New additions to the range

maguire micro pulse
Maguire Micro Pulse
  • Patented new technology
  • Revolutionary design
  • Micro Pulseallows the processor to dose a pellet at a time
  • Micro Pulse can replace conventional Auger feeders bringing cost and maintenance down
  • This new technology is immediately

available only with Maguire

maguire micro blender
Maguire Micro Blender
  • Maguire has launched a new innovative Micro Blender to its already comprehensive range of 80 blenders :
      • Throughput of approximately 30 Kg/hr
      • New patented Micro Pulse technology
      • Immune to Shock & Vibration
      • New Pneumatic Mixer process
      • Fully removable materials hoppers
      • Weight of less than 29Kg
      • Footprint of 15cm x 15cm
data retrieval

 Data Retrieval

Monitoring & Recording blend data

standard data retrieval
Standard Data Retrieval
  • Individual material weights used
  • Total batch weights dispensed
  • Set percentages
  • Achieved percentages
  • Works order & operator tractability
  • Dates & times
  • Blender ID number
total blend data
Total Blend Data

Benefits -

  • Sales tool to develop client confidence
  • Planning of material costs
  • Historical information
  • Quality control
  • Job costing
  • ISO 9000
mlan pc communications
‘MLAN’ PC Communications
  • 2 way communication for Maguire blenders
  • Maintain material database
  • Set blends from a remote location
  • Monitor all blends from one terminal
  • Produces Reports from retrieved Data
  • Graphical data interpretation
  • Download data to Disk or Hard copy
client references

 Client References

Sample of users & applications

maguire wsb users extract
3M Company

AEI Cables

Aeroquip Corporation



Autobar Polyfilms

Bayer GmbH

Bic Corporation

Bischof & Klien


Bonar Textiles

Bowater Liquid Packaging

BP Chemicals

BPI Group

Briggs & Stratton


Clingtech Films


Cookson Plantpak


Maguire WSB Users extract
maguire wsb users extract48

Delta Crompton Cables

Dolphin Packaging

Du Pont

Dunlop Slazenger

Eastman Kodak



Fisher Price Toys

Ford Motor Corporation

General Motors


Hasbro Toys

Hunstsman Containers




Johnson Controls

Johnson Wax


Maguire WSB Users extract
maguire wsb users extract49
Link Plastics


Little Tikes


Lucy Housewares

Merlin Flexible



Orbitel Cables



Phillips Consumer Electricals

Plasti Omnium



Rexam Group


Romar Packaging


RPC Containers

Maguire WSB Users extract
maguire wsb users extract50

Sealed Air

SGS Geosystems


Smith & Nephew

Sony Corporation

Swains Packaging







Wardle Storeys

WCB Linpac


Maguire WSB Users extract
client cost analysis

 Client Cost Analysis

Increased performance at a lower cost

cost savings
Cost Savings
  • Why specify a Maguire?

Maguire now is proven as the market leader due to features and benefits at an affordable price.

  • How can Maguire help with Materials?

Maguire gives the manufacturer the ability to blend with ease and confidence at a fraction of the cost of utilising a compounded material.

cost saving analysis
Cost Saving Analysis
  • Time

5 days, 20 hr/day, x 50 weeks = 5000 hr/yr

  • Materials

200 kg/hr = 1,000,000 kg consumption

  • Masterbatch addition

2.0 % masterbatch used = 20,000 Kg/yr

  • Price

masterbatch price US$16/Kg = US$320,000 per year

cost saving analysis63
Cost Saving Analysis
  • Maguire

In our experience with volumetric systems we estimate that processors while aiming to dose at 2.0% actually dose between 1.9% to 2.6%; on this basis 20% fluctuation is not unusual

  • Financial saving

20% of US$320,000 masterbatch =

US$ 64,000 in masterbatch saved per annum

compound v natural
Compound v Natural
  • The savings for companies using compounds will again be high.
  • Direct material costs savings can range from 5% to 30%.
  • Indirect costs for the manufacturer include
    • Warehouse & Stocking
    • Distribution costs
    • Re Drying
    • Materials degradation in regrind
compound v natural65
Compound v Natural

US$ / 1000Kg

maguire synopsis
Maguire Synopsis
  • Market Leading Gravimetric Blender Worldwide
  • Proven in every application every time
  • Designed to be easy to use & set up
  • Patented Smart Technology
  • Highly Accurate & Cost effective
  • Enormously flexible
  • MLAN software for Data
  • Unrivalled 3 year warranty

Maguire Gravimetric Blending

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