the mission team our purpose subteams etc n.
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The Mission Team – our purpose, subteams , etc. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Mission Team – our purpose, subteams , etc.

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The Mission Team – our purpose, subteams , etc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mission Team – our purpose, subteams , etc. Mission Team. Vision: Establish our role with the mission sub teams. Mission Team Members. Rev. Tom Glasoe (Chair) Rev . Marcus Bigott Rev. Mike Coffey Rev. Jennifer Gold Mr. Dave Streilein Rev. Harvey Blomberg (Interim DEM)

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mission team
Mission Team

Vision: Establish our role with the mission sub teams

mission team members
Mission Team Members
  • Rev. Tom Glasoe (Chair)
  • Rev. Marcus Bigott
  • Rev. Mike Coffey
  • Rev. Jennifer Gold
  • Mr. Dave Streilein
  • Rev. Harvey Blomberg (Interim DEM)
  • Rev. Sue Briner
mission team structure
Mission Team Structure
  • Subteams:
    • Mission Begins
    • Mission Builds
    • Mission Beyond
  • Essential Purpose for all three:
    • Equipping/empowering for mission
  • Mission team will function directly with #1 & will delegate #2 and #3 to other subteams
team 1 mission begins in mutual ministry with the dem
Team 1: Mission Begins(in mutual ministry with the DEM)
  • Clients: SAWCs, CUDs, NEWMIS, restarts, multipoint parishes, other cooperatives, unchurched(incl. young adults)
  • Essential Purpose: Empower our clients for mission
  • Tasks to be Performed
  • Identify new mission opportunities
    • Develop and evaluate new mission opportunity criteria
    • Work with synod/ELCA leadership to reach consensus on new criteria
    • Implement the new criteria for new mission opportunities
  • Existing SAWCs, CUDS:
    • Identify leaders
    • Identify and allocate funding (budgets)
    • Scout, evaluate and secure potential spaces
    • Provide toolsets
      • Leadership: position description, minimum qualifications, expectations, training, ongoing learning opportunities
      • Spaces:
      • Funding:
    • Review ministries
      • Identify review teams (helping new ministries id strengths, challenges, ways that we can help)
      • Train review teams using ELCA evaluative tool
      • Identify synod-specific evaluative criteria
  • In conjunction with the Leadership Team , provide support systems for Pastor Mission Developers
  • Expected outcomes:
  • Each client has a clear understanding of why they’re there and what they’re supposed to be doing
  • Each client has specific goals for discipleship, outreach
  • Each client has internalized those goals
  • Each client is meeting/exceeding goals, expectations
  • Clients can and do end well when necessary
  • Share learnings to build upon for future ministry
  • Thriving, effective, context-relevant communities and leaders
  • Leaders feel connected and supported in the synod
team 2 mission builds
Team 2: Mission Builds
  • Clients: Existing Congregations (including youth and family)
  • Essential Purpose: Empower our clients for mission
  • Responsibilities: from mission team info -- helping congregations and individuals to grow in discipleship and better connect with their neighbors, and God’s mission
  • Tasks to be Performed:
  • Populate team –
    • Pastor with a discipleship focus: Russell Peek
    • Youth/young adult: Briana Morris? (TLLC), Kara Harrell Clark (Victoria) Sara Ehrich (San Marcos), Matt White
    • Cross Trails (Deanna Christiansen/Jay)
    • Missional/strategic thinkers: Ryan Pederson, Greg Gaskamp, PederSandager
    • Dawn Silvius or Steve Cox
    • Skip Wachsmann(interim @ TLLC)
  • Develop/consolidate what needs to be included in a mission plan (use LIFT resources as a starting point)
  • Provide training, templates and resources to enable each congregation to develop their own local mission plan (focused on deepening discipleship, reaching out to their neighbors, youth and families)
  • Determine how the team will support congregations in their youth and family ministries
  • Discern and evaluate what is currently being done in the synod re. Jr & Sr High Youth events, and empower new models for mission-focused youth ministry/activities (first survey what is already happening in the synod)
  • Expected Results:
  • Congregations feel they are supported by the synod in their ongoing mission & ministry
  • Each congregation has their own local mission plan based on their assets and abilities by Synod Assembly 2014 (and we will celebrate as a synod)
  • Healthy congregations who understand their call to discipleship
  • Increased outreach in the community through congregations (financial, “volunteer” engagement in community)
  • Note: stewardship team relates to this team, but is itself an asset team, headed by Paul Ziese
team 3 mission beyond
Team 3: Mission Beyond!
  • Clients: Prison, campus, seminaries, hospital, hospice, military, camping, emerging, global missions
  • Essential Purpose: Engage our clients in support for mission
  • Team Leader: Eileen Spehr
  • Tasks to be Performed:
  • Populate team – Mike Ensrude? Doug Hester? Bob Thronson(member at Zion, retired pastor), Mike or Mary Huggins (Spirit of the Hills – has been in prison ministry), (Rev. Dr. George Reswik, Rev. Vern Gardai– check with Marcus), lay people who serve in counseling positions, Retired specialized ministers - Jim Benson, Ron Birk, Mark Gruebmeyer, Malcolm Hoffman, Harold Sager, Carolyn Schneider, Craig Sommer, Tom Wilkens. Greg Ronning
  • Identify specific specialized ministries, and who’s serving in them, and initiate contact with them
  • Survey these ministries to determine what would help them become more engaged in the synod and how the synod can support the mission they are doing
  • Suggest and develop venues for the engagement to happen
  • Explore how these specialized ministries’ missions support and extend the mission of the synod
  • In conjunction with the Leadership Team, provide support systems for Rostered Leaders in Specialized Ministry
  • Expected outcomes:
  • Build/strengthen relationships with and among our specialized ministries and ministers
  • Build/strengthen relationships with other leaders in the synod
  • Use survey results to develop engagement strategies and actions
  • Showcase these ministries to celebrate the diversity of our Church so that congregations connect to & support them
  • Leaders feel connected and supported in the synod
  • Specialized Ministries: see next page
specialized ministries
Specialized Ministries
  • Faculty: Rev. Dr. Jay Alanis, LSPS; Rev. Dr. Norm Beck, TLU; Rev. Dr. Phil Ruge-Jones, TLU, Rev. Dr. Tim Lincoln, Austin Pres. Theol. Sem.
  • Campus Pastors: Rev. James Bouzard, TSU; Rev. Paul Collinson-Streng, UT, Austin; Rev. Greg Ronning, TLU
  • Military Chaplains: Rev. Paul Cannon, Rev. T. Brady Eggleston, Chaplain Scott Ofsdahl
  • Cross Trails Development: Rev. Jennifer Gold
  • Mission Investment Fund: Rev. Pam Dorman
  • Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest: Anna Livingston, AIM, Austin
  • Haven for Hope, SA: Rev. Ann Helmke
  • Nursing Home Chaplain: Rev. Lucinda Zesch,Fredericksburg
  • Hospice: Rev. Darwin Huartson, Vitas Hospice, SA; Rev. Kay Johnson, Vitas Hospice, SA; Rev Marcia Kline, Hospice, Corpus Christi; Alicia Wills, Hospice, SA; Rev. Pam Brouker, Hospice Ministry, Austin
  • Counselor: Dr. Nick Wilkens, Seguin
  • Intentional Interim Ministry: Rev.Dave Seddelmeyer, Rev. Ann Koopman, Rev. Alan Watt
miscellaneous ideas
Miscellaneous Ideas
  • Invite Phil Hinz of Calvary Lutheran in Richland Hills to speak with us re: new ministries & leadership development
  • Invite Nadia Bolz-Weber (remember there’s a group going in the spring)