Get in detail about midsommar services texas auto shipping
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It is important to know more about Car Shipping Services while shipping the Car in or around the Car Shipping Texas.

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Get in detail about midsommar services texas auto shipping

Get in Detail about “Midsommar Services – Texas Auto Shipping”

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What are the various transport carriers available
What are the various transport carriers available?

Broadly there are two major car transport carriers :

  • Open Carrier Transporter

  • Enclosed Carrier Transporter

What is meant by open car carrier
What is meant by open car carrier?

  • Open car carriers is the type of transport where no surroundings of cover or protection is provided to the car. It can hold large amount of cars at a single time. Yes, it is also the cheapest among all, but the car needs to sustain the outer environment while getting shipped.

What is meant by enclosed car carrier
What is meant by enclosed car carrier?

  • Enclosed car carriers are one of the most secure way of shipping the vehicle. None can provide the proper safety to the vehicle except Enclosed car carrier. It may be costly, but the result is always better then any other mode of transport.

Who are different clients of midsommar shipping services
Who are different clients of Midsommar Shipping Services?

There are many clients present, some of them are:

  • Personal vehicle

  • Dealer

  • Relocations

  • Military

  • College

  • Snowbirds

What are the benefits provided by midsommar shipping services
What are the benefits provided by Midsommar shipping services?

There are basically two main benefits provided by California Car Shipping and they are:

  • On-Time Delivery of vehicle

  • Flexible Pickup and Delivery Schedule

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions: services?

How much will it cost to ship my vehicle?

  • Our competitive rates are determined by several factors [i.e.--the size of your vehicle, mileage, pickup and destination locations]. That depends on how far you are shipping your car and by what means. When the need arises to have your vehicle transported, we prefer you our free, simple online system to request a quote. This will give us a few key points of information in order to give you an exact price. We can only give you a price based on pick up and delivery location, type of vehicle, and mechanical condition of the vehicle. We will return an answer by email. 

  • What type of truck will my auto be shipped on?

    Midsommar Services offers either an open carrier–the same type of trucks you see transporting vehicles to and from auto dealerships, or you also have the option of an enclosed carrier–while enclosed carrier rates are higher, this is advisable when shipping exotic, classic or custom vehicles.

Frequently asked questions1
Frequently asked questions: services?

How long does it take to find a Truck and ship my car?

  • Midsommar Services agrees to transport your vehicle by truck as promptly as possible. We locate the first available truck going from the pickup point to the delivery destination. The trucker will make arrangements to pickup and deliver your vehicle as promptly as possible. Please keep in mind the truckers have more than one vehicle for which they must coordinate pickup and delivery.

    Do you offer special car delivery services?

  • Yes, we offer many types of special vehicle deliveries. Depending on your need a Professional Driver takes your vehicle normally within 48-72HRS immediately after your order is placed or made available. We can make arrangements with you and the driver and they can meet you at the airport when you land. We tailor is service to your needs. Just let us know.

About us
About us: services?

  • We thrive to be one of the largest and most trusted vehicle shipping companies in North America. Each year, coast to coast and across the borders, Midsommar Services ships thousand of vehicles, achieving 99.7% damage free and on-time performance.

  • Our satisfied clients include all major global vehicle manufacturers, re-marketers, financial institutions, auctions, dealers, retail single units and personally owned vehicles.

Thank you
Thank You services?

  • For any query, you may contact us:

  • Main: (800) 461-6853

  • Fax: (888) 445-4867

  • Email:

  • Web: