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The first black president's legacy on race

As the first black president, Barack Obama has faced unique challenges when wading into race relations issues, which remain a divisive subject in the nation.

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The first black president's legacy on race

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  1. The primary dark president's legacy on race

  2. ROLE MODEL: For youthful Americans, the main president they have known to involve the White House is a dark president. "I need to know whether my hair is much the same as yours," solicited five-year-old Jacob Philadelphia from Columbia, Maryland, amid his meeting with the president.

  3. MESSAGE TO GRADUATES: "Be certain about your darkness... there is nobody approach to be dark ... There's no straightjacket, there's no limitations, there's no litmus test for validness," Obama said in an initiation discourse to Howard University graduates in May 2016.

  4. DONALD TRUMP: In a solid reprimand of Obama's strategies, common laborers white Americans chose Trump, who ran a divisive battle and who pundits blame for instigating dogmatism and detest. Two days after his race win, Obama invited Trump to the White House. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

  5. EDUCATION: Obama put vigorously in training and in 2015 he marked the "Each Student Succeeds Act", an upgrade of the Bush organization's "No Child Left Behind" act. "With this bill, we reaffirm that principal American perfect that each youngster - paying little mind to race, wage, foundation, the ZIP code where they live - merits the opportunity to make out of their lives what they will," Obama stated.

  6. BEER SUMMIT: Obama swam into a racially charged case by saying police had "acted idiotically" in capturing Henry Louis Gates, a conspicuous researcher of African-American learns at Harvard. The case rapidly turned into a media craze, with Cambridge police in a state of chaos, Gates denouncing police Sgt. James Crowley of bigot conduct and undermining a lawsuit.

  7. PRISON VISIT: Obama, who wrote in his journal about utilizing weed and cocaine as a young, turned into the principal sitting president to visit a government jail and met sedate offense prisoners, saying he could have been in their place notwithstanding the points of interest he had growing up. He promised to work with superintendents and prison guards to address stuffing, a bit of his organization's colossal criminal equity change agenda.

  8. SHOOTING DEATH OF TRAYVON MARTIN: "In the event that I had a child, he'd look like Trayvon," Obama said in his first remarks in regards to the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. "I can just envision what these guardians are experiencing. Furthermore, when I consider this kid, I consider my own kids.

  9. POLICE AND THE BLACK COMMUNITY: The separation amongst police and the dark group was brought into stark concentration when a man, irate about killings by police of two dark men, shot and slaughtered five cops in Dallas at an exhibit. Obama has more than once denounced viciousness against cops and after the Dallas shootings, he encouraged the nation to come together.

  10. PLEA FOR GUN CONTROL: In January 2016, Obama shed tears while talking about the youthful casualties of Sandy Hook, the December 2012 slaughter of 20 kids and six grown-ups at a grade school in Newtown, Connecticut. "Each time I consider those children, it gets me frantic," he said. "That transformed me, that day ... My trust truly has been that it would change the country.

  11. KENYAN ROOTS: In 2015 Obama went by Kenya, the origin of his dad. Inquiries around Obama's origin were spearheaded by periphery intrigue scholars and brought into the standard by Donald Trump who scrutinized his authenticity as president. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

  12. BIRTH CERTIFICATE RELEASED: because of rehashed assaults from Trump, President Obama discharged the more drawn out variant of his U.S. birth declaration in 2011 to attempt to calm the open deliberation. Trump recognized that Obama was conceived in the U.S. amid a September 2016 crusade occasion saying "President Barack Obama was conceived in the United States, time frame." REUTERS/The White House/Handout

  13. SELMA MARCH: "Fifty years from Bloody Sunday, our walk is not yet completed, but rather we're getting nearer," Obama stated, remaining close to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where police and state troopers beat and terminated nerve gas at serene marchers who were upholding against racial segregation at the voting corner. Obama said separation by law authorization officers in Ferguson, Missouri, that was uncovered in a U.S.

  14. ECONOMIC RECOVERY: Unemployment among African-Americans fell significantly under the Obama organization yet faultfinders, including scholastic and previous Obama supporter Cornel West, utilize relentlessly high youth neediness rates among African-Americans to charge that the monetary recuperation has not sifted over into dark and working poor groups. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

  15. MY BROTHER'S KEEPER: Though as of late renamed the "Team on Improving the Lives of Boys and Young Men of Color and Underserved Youth", Obama prided himself on one of his mark programs intended to give chances to young men and youth of shading. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

  16. 2008 CAMPAIGN: Barack Obama was chosen on an introduce of trust, speaking to voter's positive thinking and craving for change. To the dark group he connoted representation at the most astounding office, driving African Americans to the surveys in record numbers. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

  17. MINIMUM WAGE BATTLE: In 2014, a Democratic-supported congressional proposition to expand the government the lowest pay permitted by law interestingly since 2009 to $10.10 slowed down, as have resulting endeavors by the president. In his 2015 State of the Union address, Obama beseeched congress to return to the issue saying, "obviously, nothing helps families bring home the bacon like higher wages. ...

  18. OBAMACARE ROLLED OUT: More than 20 million already uninsured Americans picked up wellbeing scope through Obamacare, as per the White House, with Hispanics and blacks encountering the biggest drop in uninsured rates. In any case, the Republican-drove Congress, under weight from President-elect Donald Trump to act rapidly, have officially made the main move toward rejecting the Affordable Care Act. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

  19. PROTECTING VOTING RIGHTS: The Obama organization sued North Carolina in front of the 2016 presidential decision to square recently instituted voting decides that it said damaged government social liberties law, including a necessity for voters to show photograph ID at the surveys. Democrats and Republicans battle enthusiastically over such necessities since they influence voter turnout and may swing close elections.

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