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World Religions

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World Religions. How many people are…?. Christian. Worship or follow Jesus Christ (what’s the difference) Three main groups: Catholic, Protestant, and Mormon (though this is controversial). Brief History of Christianity (YIKES!).

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  • Worship or follow Jesus Christ (what’s the difference)
  • Three main groups: Catholic, Protestant, and Mormon (though this is controversial)
brief history of christianity yikes
Brief History of Christianity (YIKES!)
  • Jesus was a Jew who was seeking a purer practice of Judaism (O AD)
  • Jesus is identified as a threat to the power structure and crucified (33 AD)
  • Followers of Jesus meet in house churches for centuries-Christianity a disorganized, minority and in the end, illegal, religion
  • Paul organizes a bunch of churches
  • 323 the Roman Emperor Constantine becomes Christian
brief history of christianity continued
Brief History of Christianity continued…
  • Council of Nicea
  • 450 years of “creeds”
  • 1054 Western church (Roman Catholic) separates from Eastern (Eastern Orthodox)
  • 1517 Martin Luther and his 95 theses and the emergence of Protestantism
theological differences in christianity
Theological differences in Christianity
  • Main theological differences:
    • Nature of God
    • Divinity of Jesus
    • Nature of religious leadership (ecclesiological)
    • Understanding of the Bible and its role (bibliogical)
  • Based on the teachings of Muhammad who “received” the Koran
  • Five pillars:
    • Profession of faith in Allah
    • Prayer five times a day
    • Ramadan
    • Pilgrimage to Mecca
    • -Giving 2.5% to the poor
a brief history of islam
A brief history of Islam…
  • 610 AD Muhammad receives the Koran in Saudi Arabia
  • 622 Muhammad establishes the Islamic state
  • 632 Muhammad dies leaving no apparent heir
  • Caliphs oversee expansion of Islamic state
    • Sunni (Muhammad’s friend) versus Shiite (Muhammad’s cousin)
the unaffiliated
The Unaffiliated
  • One in six people do not have a religious affiliation, which makes it the third largest religious group world-wide
  • Many unaffiliated have some religious beliefs without being specifically oriented to a particular religion
  • 62% of the unaffiliated live in China and 52% of the Chinese population is unaffiliated (700 million)
    • Japan has the second highest number (72 million or 57% of the population
    • U.S. the third highest (51 million or 16.4% of population)
  • Local and varied
  • Defined by colonial intruders
  • Way of life and eternal “duties”
  • Hindu modernism and Innate divinity
  • Siddhartha, the prince (Between 6th and 4th centuries BCE)
  • A little too much denial
  • Buddha and the Bodhi tree and the middle way
  • Dukkha:
    • Death
    • Change
    • Disappointment
  • Therveda and Mahayana
  • The Eight Fold Path
  • Abraham and the chosen people
  • The meaning of the fallen temple
  • Ethnoreligiosity
  • The role of the Rabbis
  • History of persecution
  • Hasidic, Orthodox, Reform