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Office of Research Administration

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Office of Research Administration. Implementation of Kuali Coeus at Indiana University. Agenda. Background Information Current Landscape of ERA Systems at IU Kuali Coeus Consortium: Brief History Timelines for KCC and IU Implementation of KC KC @ IU Communications Project Governance

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office of research administration

Office of Research Administration

Implementation of KualiCoeus at Indiana University

  • Background Information
    • Current Landscape of ERA Systems at IU
    • KualiCoeus Consortium: Brief History
    • Timelines for KCC and IU Implementation of KC
  • KC @ IU
    • Communications
    • Project Governance
    • Training and Support
    • Reporting Impact
    • Benefits
    • Risks
    • Selected Screen Shots
kuali coeus equivalency timeline
Kuali Coeus Equivalency Timeline

Convergence with Coeus


Kuali Coeus at IU -- Phase I 2010 - 2011

Proposal Development, Budget and



Project Governance


Executive Steering Committee (quarterly meetings and as needed)

  • Set strategic direction and coordinate technical and functional needs at a high level.

Functional Steering Committee (23 Meetings)

Develop and maintain oversight for Kuali Coeus Implementation

Executive IMPACT Committee (7 Meetings)

Campus Stakeholders meet regularly to set strategic direction for campus wide impacts.

  • ORA Internal Steering Committee (9 Meetings)
  • Senior Executives and Grant and Contract Managers provide direction and oversight for KC Implementation.

Kuali Leads (29 Meetings)

These individuals are responsible for implementing the KFS/KC basic software technical and functional considerations, including Kuali Rice.

Core Project Team (38 Meetings)

These individuals are the heart of the Kuali Coeus IU Application implementation, technical, and functional resources and are fully devoted to the KC implementation.

  • Unified Kuali website
  • KC Brochure
  • Infomercial
  • KC at IU Listserv
  • University publications
  • Project Governance Committees
  • Multiple presentations to faculty and staff groups
  • Model Office
  • Focus groups

KC Communications Plan:

training and support
Training and Support

Training Plan:

  • Target Audience:
    • Department Administrators
    • ORA Grant Services Administrators
    • Faculty and Principal Investigators
    • Deans, Chairs, Unit Heads, Approvers, Fiscal Officers
  • Training Topics:
    • Getting Started and System Navigation
    • Proposal Development and Routing
    • Budget Development
    • Routing and Workflow
    • Awards
training and support1
Training and Support

Training Mechanisms

Instructor-Led Training

  • Covers more advanced topics and providing opportunity to discuss unique “what if” situations. 

e-Learning Vignettes

  • Access modules needed and practice until mastery is achieved. 
  • Help for reachinggeographically remote sites

Web Resources/Job Aids

  • KC online help resources
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Detailed training documentation
impact on reporting
Impact on Reporting

All Current Data Warehouse Reporting Objects Affected by KC Implementation

ORA (not UITS) is solely responsible for updating/changing the reporting environment for these objects


Reporting Timeline

KC Go Live July 2011

  • Facilitates distribution of award credit and indirect costs
  • Enables preparation of entire proposal in system
  • Facilitates reporting of entire award amounts including noncompeting years
  • Replaces current manual processes, system to system Grants.Gov
  • Integrated modules (grant and compliance) instead of silos
  • Integrated with Kuali Financial System
  • Similar look and feel to IU financial and purchasing systems
  • Code is visible, modifiable, supportable
  • Opportunity to influence functionality via participation in KCC
  • Research data no longer housed and controlled by financial system
  • Potential for Easier/Faster Reporting
  • Requires more knowledgeable departmental user requiring significant training effort.
  • Significant user support infrastructure required
  • Additional ORA staffing required during implementation of KC system
  • Staffing and resources required to maintain the enhanced electronic systems
  • Interfaces with other systems; must be modified to facilitate reporting capabilities
one start portal draft design
One Start Portal Draft Design

System access may be available through the ORA/VPR website and through MyRA




  • Kuali Foundation Website
  • IU Consolidated KFS/KC Website
  • KC Wiki Implementation Project Website
  • ORA Website