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BUSINESS REPORT WRITING. Mridula Joshi Associate Professor PGGCG-11. Contents. Meaning of Business Report Features Types of Reports Essentials of a good report Steps in report writing. Meaning of Business Report.

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  1. BUSINESS REPORT WRITING Mridula Joshi Associate Professor PGGCG-11

  2. Contents Meaning of Business Report Features Types of Reports Essentials of a good report Steps in report writing

  3. Meaning of Business Report A report means an account given or opinion formally expressed for specific purpose after proper enquiry, investigation and consideration of facts affecting the situation. Business report is an objective and planned presentation of facts to one or more persons for specific business purpose.

  4. Features Orderly: A business report is carefully planned, prepared and presented message not based on any casual information. Objective: It should be free from personal prejudices, presumptions or any pre conceived ideas. It should always be impartial, objective and based upon the facts collected from the surveys. Factual information: The report primarily should be based on facts, events or records based on the data collected in the course of business survey. Specific Purpose: A business report is always meant for a specific and significant business purpose.

  5. Types of Reports The reports could be written in : • Letter format • Memo • Formal form

  6. Essentials of a Good Report Clarity: It should be very clear and candid as it has to convey a clear message. Not only the clarity of thought is important but also the clarity of expression is important. Hence, it should be logically written in different paragraphs with suitable headings demonstrating the coherence with the purpose. Consistency: The various stages in report writing like enquiry and collection of facts, their analysis and interpretation and recommendation should flow towards the main theme. It should not deviate from the main theme. User’s oriented: Report is basically meant for the reader or the audience so there should be no words, symbols or sentences which are beyond their comprehension otherwise the purpose of writing the report will be defeated.

  7. Objectivity: There should be objectivity in observation, collection of related facts and in writing the report. It means the emotions, prejudices and personal feelings should be avoided. Accuracy: There should be no false, biased and fabricated stories and findings in the report which could be looked at with doubt and suspicion. Accuracy of facts and figures is imperative. Inaccurate or incomplete information which could lead to taking of wrong decisions and actions should be avoided. Brevity: The report should be brief and precise. Unnecessary details, irrelevant facts and needless repetition of the same idea should be avoided to make it a logical sequence.

  8. Interesting: Besides being informative and illuminating, the report should sound interesting as well. If the interest of the reader is not aroused and retained, he is likely to miss the parts of message regardless of his desire to thoroughly read it. For this, the writer should use visual aids and master the ways of creative writing to avoid dullness • Relevant: The report should be relevant and the main points should be given at the end so that making decisions and taking actions on its basis could be possible. • Futuristic in approach: Keeping atleast 10-20 years time in mind the relevant facts should be presented.

  9. Steps in Writing The long report has the following contents: • Title page: This contains all the identifying information – title of the report, name of the company, date and name of the writer. • Table of contents: It contains the list of all topics and tables with their corresponding page number in the report. • Introduction: The purpose of writing report, methods and sources of collecting data, definitions etc. • Body: It contains the major findings of the study written under suitable heading and sub-headings, graphic and pictorial presentations to show the points etc.

  10. Conclusion: Highlight the findings in summarized form for easy and quick understanding of the report. • Recommendations: To enumerate the further actions to be taken by the concerned authorities to rectify the situation. • Bibliography: List all the sources used in writing the report, list of persons interviewed or corresponded and already written references like other reports, articles, documents, news reports etc. • Appendices: It contains the information that supports the data in the body like charts, questionnaires, photographs etc.

  11. References www.wikipedia.org/ Business Communication by Varinder Kumar and Bodh Raj

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