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Strapless Swim Suits

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Strapless Swim Suits

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strapless swim suits
Strapless Swim Suits



Everyone gets last year's bathing suit out when summer comes around, and finds that it's not as good as you remembered it to be. Strapless bathing suits, however, will always be in fashion and look good on anyone.


No matter your size or shape, this type of swimwear flatter and compliment your figure. Available in bikini or one-piece, these bathing suits flatter by drawing attention to your shoulders and neck and away from your stomach, waist and thighs - those parts we don't usually want to get the attention.


Not only do they flatter your shape, but when you wear the bathing suit and tan your skin, you won't end up with shoulder-strap tan marks like other swimwear suits cause. Instead, you will be able to wear any style of strappy top, or strapless top, without needing to touch-up your tan or be embarrassed by tan marks.


By coordinating and buying separate bikini tops and bottoms, you can enhance your breasts with a patterned material, or detract from large breasts or bottoms with dark, plain colours. One-piece strapless bathing suits will also tighten your stomach and therefore flatten it and enhance the rest of your body.


If you don't have a strapless bathing suit in your cupboard from last summer, you need to get one for next summer! Feel your best in public by getting hold of a bathing suit without straps. There are plenty of places online where you can find excellent quality strapless bathing suits for fantastic prices.


Summer break is just a few months away, which means you have only a number of weeks to prepare your body for the beach. If you are busy and do not have the time to shape up, don't worry, because you can always work around your figure and find a suitable swimwear that would highlight your assets and complement your curves.


However, you have to first know what your body type is, before you splurge on a tankini, maillot, or bandeau. This will give you some idea on what you should actually wear, to look confident and sexy on your day out with friends.


If your hips and breasts have close or nearly equal measurements and your waist is small and defined, you have the hourglass body type, which is the same as Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba. Basically you can wear anything, from a bikini to a monokini, since your body is proportionate.


If you are a bit voluptuous and are conscious about your upper body, you could get halter bikinis that are banded around the midriff, so you get the right amount of coverage and support. If you are wearing a one-piece suit, see to it that the straps are thick and the bust area has foam cups or under wirings.


If you are a skinny hourglass babe, go for string bikinis with triangle tops or bandeaus. Avoid color blocking though in your ensemble, as this may contradict the proportionality of your body.


Now, if you have a triangular shaped body - meaning, you have a short torso, wide hips and possibly long or chubby legs, it is advised that you make use of a tankini or a bikini top and boy shorts as swimwear. If you do not like the length, you could wear regular sized bottoms instead.


Stay away from skimpy pairs as it will make you look fat. Maximize on color and pattern to get people's attention off your figure. You could also invest in a maillot with wide straps and a horizontal neckline, since it would balance out your silhouette. If you are interested in looking a tad bit more girly, you could go for dress swimsuits or a skirt bottom to hide your heavy lower region.


If you are top heavy (an inverted triangle body shape) like Jessica Simpson, stay away from strapless ensembles, since it will make your breasts look saggy. Go for swimwear with an underwire and thick straps that would give you the stability your body needs.


Instead of going for patterns and colors on both the top and bottom, you will only observe this on your underwear, and you will have to wear dark hued tops. You can wear string bottoms if you want to, since it would seamlessly balance your appearance.


Lastly, if you have a rectangular shaped body - broad shoulders, lack of curves, and no defined waist - you should get yourself ornate bikini ensembles with ruffles and bows, to add volume to your special parts.


To tone down your athletic frame, you should purchase girly prints and lingerie-inspired swimsuits too. If you are concerned about creating a waistline, go for monokinis with belts, as it will give the illusion of curves.

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Strapless Swim Suits

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