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Craftsman Riding Mower

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Craftsman Riding Mower

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Craftsman Riding Mower

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craftsman riding mower
Craftsman Riding Mower



As you may be aware, Craftsman products have long had a reputation for durability and performance under the toughest conditions. This extends to their lawn mowers as well. However, if you have a large area to mow and/or tough, hilly terrain, potentially with obstacles such as trees, shrubs, fences, and other objects, you should consider Craftsman's line of riding mowers to make the job easier.


Craftsman riding mowers are not only built to withstand the toughest terrain, but also handle exceptionally well, giving the operator a smooth riding experience that actually makes mowing and doing other tasks around the yard enjoyable.


In addition, Craftsman has a variety of mowers that range in the amount of ground you need to cover and how much weight you need to haul. These are the most important considerations when selecting a Craftsman riding mower.


If this is your first time purchasing a Craftsman mower, a great choice is its line of hydrostatic transmission lawn tractors (another name for riding mower). These machines will make mowing the yard a cinch, and with their tight turn technology, which yields a turning radius of just six inches, your ability to maneuver around obstacles and cut close to them will be unmatched.


This mower includes four durable gauge wheels and a cutting decks ranging from 46 to 54 inches, allowing you to mow large areas in minimal time. It comes in red or black and can be found for sale in any state but California.


If you are on a more limited budget and are looking for a less expensive riding mower that can get the job done, look no further than the Shift-On-The-Go lawn tractor. This mower is powered by a 17.5 horsepower engine and incorporates a 7-speed shift-on-the-go transmission to make shifting easy and save time.


With this mower, there is no need to stop, brake, or clutch to increase the speed. The 42 inch deck provides the same great cutting performance Craftsman mowers are known for. While the turning radius is not as tight on the Shift-on-the-go mower compared with the hydrostatic lawn tractors, 18 inches is nothing to sniff at.


For a simple, inexpensive riding mower that helps you get the job done enjoyably in less time, the Shift-On-The-Go riding mower may be your best option. Unlike the line of hydrostatic mowers, it is for sale in California as well as all the other states.


Craftsman makes a number of other riding mowers, many having significantly more power and more hauling capacity than those discussed above. Although these mowers come with a higher price tag, if you have a significant amount of difficult terrain to mow, they may be worth looking into.


In addition, consider what accessories you might want to use with your Craftsman riding mower, such as a rototiller, lawn aerator, or sweeper, for example. Different Craftsman mowers can support different attachments.


All machines have some replaceable or serviceable parts that need to be changed from time to time in order for the machine to remain functional and in proper working condition. Lawn mowers and riding mowers are no different, and that includes the Craftsman brand.


When shopping for Craftsman riding mower parts, there are many factors that you must consider in order to make sure you have the right parts to keep your Craftsman riding mower running as it should.


Spare parts and accessories are labeled with special numbers or codes for ease of identification. However, since there are myriad different kinds of accessories for a large number of machines, it might at times not be easy to tell which one belongs to your particular machine. It is important to choose the code corresponding to the correct part for your riding mower for it to work as intended.


Once you know the correct part number, you can easily walk into any store that stocks these items and present the exact code of the item you need, and the attendant should be able to produce it if it is in stock. Make sure you buy from an authentic dealer to avoid the possibility of receiving fake or incorrect parts.


Assuming you have identified a number of authorized dealers who can supply the riding mower parts you need, there are still other issues that you need to consider. Among them are the choice of a good store from the many on your short list. At this point, you need to look beyond authorization alone. The style of service delivery will become important at this point.


When there is more than one store with the item you need, you should narrow your demands to get the best deal possible out of the many stores willing to sell to you. This means you should start looking at stores that will give you more value for your money. For example, you could look for one that will provide the best prices and offer additional services as well.


The additional services may include free delivery and support when applicable. Some stores may even have personnel who can do the fitting in case you want them to do so at affordable rates. If you can find such a store, it is better to deal with them directly so that your warranty remains in place for longer.


If the store somehow damages the accessory during fitting, they will take responsibility and replace the part. However, you will want to avoid instances in which you could buy a faulty mower part but fail to claim a refund simply because an outside technician fitted it.


In these cases, the store may claim the warranty is now void since the Craftsman riding mower parts failed due to technician error. Unless you have a lot of experience replacing parts on lawn mowers, your best bet is probably to buy parts from an authorized dealer and have a trained technician that works for the dealer handle the installation.

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Craftsman Riding Mower

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