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Mower Safety

Mower Safety

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Mower Safety

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  1. Mower Safety

  2. PPE -Personal ProtectmentEquipment Safety glasses Hard toe boots Jeans Ear muffs

  3. ToroGround Master Now I'm going to talk about each one in more detail. Some Safety Features on the Toro. Safety Features On The Toro Roll over bar A switch that if the engine over heats and you are in the middle of the road you push this switch and it gets you off safely with out object hitting you When traveling place to place a safely feature is to raise the mower deck with this lever you pull it up to raise and pull it down to lower it to mow

  4. Z Two A safety feature on this machine is. You can’t start it up with our the parking break up and your arms side of you. When using this machine it best to know this machine is very sensitive one little movement can make a big difference This machine can turn on a 360 degrease( circle) so you don’t want to turn it to fast because you can loose control easily This mower controlling arms can get out of working right. If you find that when you put up your parking break and you are still moving that’s a safety hazard . Because you can hit someone or another object.

  5. Walk behind mower Safety features on the walk behind mower A dead man switch. That’s used for if you loose control of the mower. If you do just let go of the two yellow handles and it will stop. another safety feature is when you witch gears you use your knee to do that’s. So instead of trying to use your hard and loose control it made for you to use your knee. when you are turning this machine it very important to turn in a slow gear. Because you can defiantly loose control turning in a higher gear There’s 4 gears in this mower you want to travel in 4 but if you going to turn shift the gear into 2 because it’s easer to turn

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