craftsman front door styles n.
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Craftsman Front Door Styles

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Craftsman Front Door Styles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtually everything is now made in the Craftsman style; doors and windows have also followed suit.nnVisit:

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Craftsman Front Door Styles

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craftsman front door styles

Craftsman Front Door Styles

Virtually everything is now made in the Craftsman style; doors and windows have also

followed suit. Typically Craftsman styled doors and windows are fashioned to fit into the

porches of bungalows and traditional cottage homes. Craftsman styled doors speak volume of

the American rich creative history of crafting wooden products. However, the American

content in craftsmen styled design can be traced to the Ideals of England’s Arts and Crafts

movement vividly portrayed in the first craftsman styled home in California. You are sure to

glean more about craftsmen men doors n this article.


The templates and specification for craftsman doors designs are simple but require paying

attention to details; front doors for craftsman styled houses a designed to rest and wrap

around an attractive porch; a typical craftsman front door has certain distinct features

including panes of glasses which could be either clear or stained at the upper section of the

door supported by wooden panels on the lower two-thirds, the panes of glasses are usually

between three and six; doors with three panes feature the symmetrical cased arrangement of a

typical craftsman design as they are three vertical rectangles cased together while doors with

six panes feature a two-dimensional symmetrical arrangement which forms a grid-like

pattern; other glass arrangement pattern at the upper section of the door do also exist but

these are by far the commonest of them all; one more feature craftsman front door come with

are small ledges with molds situated below glass panes.


Popular choices of the color scheme for most craftsman homes are neutral and earthly colors;

and usually, door colors rhymes with that of the carcass of the home. Invariably, this means

craftsman homes determine door colors; Earthly color shades include a variety of colors

ranging from dim blue to aloe green to reddish brown and stained wood mahogany which

appears to be the dominant color scheme for many craftsmen styled homes.


The major material used in craftsman styled house construction is wood, though very recently

materials like fiberglass and steel have become useful in making simple constructions. But to

a large extent wood remains the primary material

a large extent, wood remains the primary material for the craftsman. Several reasons

including the fact that wood is the very emblem of craft and that the peculiar designs of

craftsman homes featuring wood railing, shingles can only be crafted with wood have been

adduced for this. To this end, craftsman front door is also made of wood.


There is hardware that could be mounted on craftsmen front doors but the common one that

seems so indispensable are handled with their deadbolts and keyed entry. They make a good

fit especially when they come with oil- rubbed bronze finishes as they tend to rhyme with the

overall earthly hue of a craftsman home.

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