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Cabinet Doors

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Cabinet Doors

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Cabinet Doors

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cabinet doors
Cabinet Doors



Do you need good quality cabinet doors for your cabinets? You can find many types of cabinet doors made from different materials. Depending on the type of material that they are made from, the doors may show significant quality differences. Quality is very important when you choose your cabinet doors.


Basically there are three materials that cabinet doors are made from. They are wood, Fiberboard and plastic. Here is an explanation of the different types of materials that the doors are built form and their respective advantages.


As their name indicates wood cabinet doors are made from wood. However, there are different types woods, such as raised Panel and solid wood. Solid wood cabinet doors are the most common types among the others.


They are preferred by many people because they are stronger than any other material and provide fast and convenient access to the items in the cabinet. Their disadvantage is that they take space because they are very thick. In addition, they have heavy weight.


Therefore, if you want your cabinet doors made from solid wood, you need to make a space consideration. They are not advised for small condos and apartments. In addition, they are relatively expensive.


Raised panel cabinet doors are a type of framed cabinet doors which use a panel and frame mechanism. They have their own techniques and tools to produce and install the panels. They are known for their ability to prevent the effects of moisture.


People sometimes blame raised panel cabinet doors for their complication of installation. However, installing them is rather very easy with the right tools and techniques at hand. In addition, they are lighter in weight and can serve for many years as well.


MDF cabinet doors are made from a material called Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). They have a very smooth and shiny surface. They are easy to fix on your cabinets and they don’t have joints and cracks after being painted.


Their price is relatively very cheap as compared to those cabinet doors made from solid wood. In addition, they are lighter in weight. People prefer them for their light material, relatively low price and their beautiful look.


Laminate cabinet doors are made from a board and will be laminated with plastic. They are commonly laminated with a vertical grade or VT plastic. Even though they don’t seem durable from their building material, they can serve you as long as thirty to fifty years. One of their good qualities is that they are very easy for cleaning and they are light in weight.


Those are the three main cabinet door building materials. You may choose one of them depending on their respective looks, styles and advantages. In addition, if you are bored of your current cabinet doors, you can replace them with replacement cabinet doors so that you will give your room a brand new look and appearance.


Replacement cabinet doors can be made customized to fit the size of your cabinets. They can be made in combination of either two of the above materials as one material being the frame while the other being the panel.


Nowadays, kitchen is not just a place for cooking food. It is offering extra advantages for the family members. According to statistics, around 35% of families use it for socializing while 15% moms use it for playing with their little children.


You may also be one of the people who enjoy your kitchen more than any other room in your home. As a result, you need to give enough attention to make your kitchen as attractive as possible.


One of your kitchen furniture that you need to give enough attention for its style and look is your kitchen cabinet. Thus, that is why we are taking a closer look at your kitchen cabinet doors.


Your kitchen cabinets hold a major space in your kitchen and they catch an eye easily. Therefore, the color of your kitchen cabinet doors must be attractive and have to have the ability to let you and your family stay in the kitchen.  You should paint them a color that can go with the color of your kitchen wall.


Mainly, you see black and white as color schemes of most kitchen cabinets. Black is becoming the common color scheme for modern kitchens. However, you need a bright colored wall on the behind. As a result, the contrast will create an elegant and modern look.


White is the color you see in most kitchen cabinet doors. The color goes with any kind of wall color, whether it is bright or dark.


Besides the color scheme, style is what makes your kitchen cabinet doors attractive. There are different styles such as modern, artistic and rustic. You can choose the style depending on what you like but you need to be careful which style goes with which color and which background wall.


For example, black is suitable for artistic styled doors with brighter background wall, while white is for modern styled doors with any kind of wall background.


Being said much about the color and style of your kitchen cabinet doors, we now need to talk a little something about their prices. The price of kitchen cabinet doors could be different depending on many factors. Quality is one of the major factors that make the price difference. However, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low quality.


You can find quality and cheap kitchen cabinet doors from discount home stores and cabinet retailers. In recent times, you may not able to choose from many styles and colors since the cheap doors usually come in limited styles and colors only.


But, nowadays, things have changed a lot. It is possible to choose the style and color you want. You don’t have to break your bank to own cheap but quality cabinet doors.

cabinet doors25
Cabinet Doors

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