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Michael Todd Clements

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Michael Todd Clements is a Certified Registered Behavioral Technician. Michael Todd Clements is currently a member is good standing with the Behavioral Analyst Certification Board (BACB). Michael Todd Clements provides best practices in implementing chaining, error-less learning, discreet trials, stimulus fading, shaping a behavior, behavior prompting, escape and avoidance contingencies, reinforcement v punishment, discrimination training and extinction.\n

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instructor p certification

Instructor (P) Certification

Professional Crisis Management


Michael T. Clements

has successfully completed all the requirements and demonstrated the proficiencies

expected in Professional Crisis Management. Therefore, be it known that certification is

issued on '12/7/2017' with an annual certification date of '12/1/2017'.

Continued certification requires annual recertification.

Instructors are certified as users and may certify and recertify Practitioners only.

Neal Fleisig M.S., B.C.B.A.

Director, Professional Crisis Management Association, Inc.