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Michael Joasil

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Michael Joasil is a renowned entrepreneur with an experience of over 7 years in Business Development and Corporate Operations.

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Michael Joasil is a renowned entrepreneur with an experience of over 7 years in Business Development and Corporate Operations. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he is also known for his creative thinking.


He initialized and managed 4 popular organizations situated in North America. The first company he founded was Window Medics International in 2003 and since then, he has been working as its Chief Executive Officer.


Michael Joasil founded PureRay Corporation in 2007. Through this company he intended to replace the need for fuel based lighting with energy efficient lighting technology. With his leadership PureRay pioneered in inventions and developments. Michael Joasil started Livotek International which is an Ottawa based technology and consulting firm.


The company assists the inventors in bringing products to market by expanding and raising capital. He established Thermonic Electric (TE) in 2008 and introduced the concept of nanotechnology to produce high quality energy efficient products. He founded Livotek Ventures in 2009 with an aim to invest and acquire companies, within limited and precise sectors in order to help deliver new inventions.


About Michael Joasil

Michael Joasil, a renowned name in nanotechnology industry, has founded and managed top 4 industries in North America. He founded Window Medics International in 2003 to vend out a cost effective and environmental friendly alternative to window replacements.


In 2007, Michael Joasil founded PureRay Corporation. He invented a proprietary lighting system that continues to be the world's most efficient light bulb. After achieving success in electrical industry, he shifted his base to nanotechnology industry- a fast growing industry of today.


In the year 2008, Michael established a firm named ‘Thermonic Electric (TE)’ with an idea to revolutionize the standards for energy efficiency by developing and embedding patented breakthrough nanotechnology to increase the efficiency rate of energy usage.


The success of this venture encouraged Michael to develop a company that could help inventors to bring products to market by expansion and raising capital. Consequently, the year 2009 witnessed the birth of America’s one of the leading firms in Venture Capital & Private Equity industry and is celebrated throughout the globe as ‘Livotek Ventures’.