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  • Uploaded on\n\n\nA bone-chilling journey with a drug addict, as he falls prey to a Satanic cult in South Africa. The revelation produced in this book will shock you to your core. The ways and secrets of Organised Satanism in South Africa is laid bare for all to see\n\n\n

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I peter 5: 8 sap be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring

lion looking for someone lo devour

How often do we think about what this scripture really means? Time and again we are prone

to think that the forces of evil cannot and will not have any direct effect on our lives. We

become complacent in a false sense of security. We are deluded with the mind-set that

Demons and witchcraft are found only in Hollywood and in the minds of troubled teenagers.

Or we alternatively just disregard it as silly superstition. We reassure ourselves by saying “if

I don t believe in ii then it can hurt me”

Well we could not be more wrong! The dcvii dominates the whole world, patrols this earth and is

commander of a host of evil spirits through whom he enslaves and keeps captive those without

Christ. The thing that most of us out there forget to do is to love one another as we love ourselves.

Some people are rejected because they not cool enough or don’t have enough money. Maybe

they are not attractive enough so they don’t fit in. Then we have those who so desperately want

to fit in. They end up doing things just to be accepted, no matter what the cost.

Sex and drugs become the route through which to numb the pain. This however leads to more

problems than solutions. Life as you know it falls apart until you have nothing and no one

left. Society has become so depraved because of sin that at this point those that do hit rock

bottom have no moral foundation. This results in them having no concept of who to turn to

for help.

Rejection cultivates anger and hate. This is the fuel for revenge and an invitation for Satan to

swoop in like a knight in shining amour. offering everything except the truth. But

desperation can so often cloud our judgement that anything will be construed as the truth as

long as life gets better. No one wants to suffer and no one wants to be alone.

We are so concerned with everything in our own little world that the obvious escapes us. Like

Lost sheep you wonder around aimlessly while

lost sheep you wonder around aimlessly while the wolves watch you from the shadows. Just

waiting for the right time lo strike.

These are things that I never thought about before. My hic was good. I thought I was okay.

That I could handle anything. My profession as a paramedic taught me to handle tough

situations. And lo the world and my family I seemed strong. But I was not. I buried my pain

and troubles with drugs and extra marital fornication.

The wonderful wife and beautiful daughter I had were driven away with lies and infidelity.

My family were forced to destruction by broken trust and heartache. Thoughts of suicide

dominated almost every minute of my day. I had hit rock bottom with no way out. or so I


My life did change and not for the better, well not at first anyway. I embarked on a very

twisted and dark journey. A journey that would, and has shaped mc for did rest of my life. I

experienced things that consumed and tormented me inside until my Lord and savior JESUS

CHRIST brought salvation to my heart.

The road to salvation is not an easy one; it is filled with difficulty and trouble. The devil does

not like to lose and will dangle temptation and fear in front of you at every opportunity.

Discipline and courage can only be found when you surround yourself with the love of


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