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Mega Disasters Mega Tsunami PowerPoint Presentation
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Mega Disasters Mega Tsunami

Mega Disasters Mega Tsunami

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Mega Disasters Mega Tsunami

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  1. Joey Zoida Period 8 Mega DisastersMega Tsunami Length: 60 minutes

  2. The Tsunami • There was a major land slide over 8000 years ago around 6000 B.C. • The Tsunami started in Sicily, Italy and made its way to the middle east, 1200 miles away. • The landslide was as big as Manhattan, and the height of the Empire State building • It could have destroyed thousands of prehistoric lands.

  3. Computer demonstration • A group of Italian scientists made a demonstration on what may have happened. • The landslide was estimated at a speed of 200 mph. • It started in Sicily, hitting Sudan Italy first with 165 foot waves. • It was compared to an atomic bomb impact, with trees ripped out of the ground and rubble flying everywhere.

  4. Computer demonstration • After Sudan, Italy, was Greece and Libya with 40 foot waves. • Afterwards, hitting the middle east 1200 miles away.

  5. Alaska • This wouldn’t be the only time a Tsunami hit thousands of miles away. • In 1964 Alaska had a Tsunami that hit Hawaii with waves which is 2800 miles away.

  6. Finding evidence • The best bet was the sea floor. • Land has to much physical changes over time, especially over 8000 years. • They wanted to find disturbed parts of the sea floor. • That is because waves reach the sea floor , like if you had a cup of water with sand in it, if you stir the bottom gets disturbed.

  7. Evidence • They found many spots of disturbed land where the simulation went over • But, where it would be worst there was no damage done to the sea floor. (Italy and Libya) • Submerged remains of a village found a half a mile off the coast of Haifa. • Skeletons were found with marks of violent strikes, most likely from objects from the Tsunami being thrown at villagers. • Stores seemed a banded and fish that could have been sold was also there. • The bones would have been properly buried, but were not.

  8. What if it happened today? • Many cities sea level would be wiped out, killing thousands or maybe millions of people.

  9. Could it happen? • Yes • The Canary Islands could have a massive Tsunami, the biggest one recorded. • A volcano dislocated half of the land. • If it was to slide into the waters, it would have energy generated equivalent to how much energy the United States uses in 6 months.

  10. Could it happen? • In minutes it would hit Romacco with 300 foot tall waves. • Next, Southern Europe, Caribbean, and the Americas. • That’s 4 thousand miles away. Its estimated speed at 500 mph. • Boston to Florida would be under water due to 165 foot waves.

  11. How to avoid it • Stay in tact with the News! • You will know in hour of advance and be safer • It wont happen anytime soon • But said to happen eventually