project lesson 10th form n.
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Project lesson 10th form. PowerPoint Presentation
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Project lesson 10th form.

Project lesson 10th form.

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Project lesson 10th form.

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  1. Project lesson 10th form. Theme: MY WONDERFUL WORLD Tasks: To review the old vocabulary. To introduce projects in an effective way. Aims: To give every student an opportunity to use his own personality in creating the material To provide opportunities for pupils to use language and express their own opinions. Course of a lesson Present your projects to one another. Be ready to disagree or agree with some of the students. Try to convince them that your project is the best.

  2. Mywonderfulworld The English teacher Michkasova R. N.

  3. Every person imagines his world in his own way. I can’t help agreeing that our life is full of a lot of trouble today. Lately some people have thought about the future of our planet.They set their hearts on making the planet a better, cleaner and safer place.

  4. I’m excited about the idea of representing my own world in a completely new light. Sincerely speaking I’ve always dreamed of living in a very unique world where people don’t think of violence and cruelty.

  5. It is the most wonderful planet, as the inhabitants are easy-going, reliable, generous, sociable and responsible. People treat each other with great respect and feel like helping if necessary.

  6. I wish people could live longer nowadays. But with healthier lifestyles any person will live to 100 years or more. On my planet people would live a long life.

  7. It goes without saying both art and sports could contribute to the improvement of our way of living. On my planet people would be keen on sports, art, reading books.

  8. Suffice it to say, how greatly music influences us. We can’t do anything without music. No matter what kind of music a person listens to, he always has the opportunity to feel relaxed. And the life seems more interesting if we have music playing in the background.

  9. I would like people to take pleasure in living on this planet, that is to be happy, optimistic, intelligent, energetic, healthy, as the healthier we are, the better we feel. The better we feel, the longer we live.

  10. Long live my wonderful world!


  12. Conclusion • The projects are interesting, they are worth listening to. • Now it is time to vote for the best project and select a winner. • In order to express opinions on these works, you should use the following expressions: it goes without saying, to put heart into, oddly enough, intelligently, suffice it to say, it is common knowledge, I cannot help doing, as far as I am concerned, in good taste, to tell the truth, set heart on doing smth, and what not.