10th meeting n.
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10th Meeting

10th Meeting

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10th Meeting

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  1. 10th Meeting Choosing a Printer

  2. Types of printer • printers are not only used to copy but can also be used to store data in computer data

  3. Printing is final stage in creating a document.That is the purpose of printer joined to your computing equipment. Since the results you can obtain with dufferent types of printers will very subtantially,here is a guide to help you decide which one is most suitable for your needs

  4. To begin with, it must be taken into account that printers vary in cost,speed,print quality,and other factors such as noice or compatibility.In fact,printing technology is evolving so quickly that there is always a printers for every application or personal requirement.

  5. Dot Matrix printer use pins to print the dots required to shape a character They print text and graphics and nowadays,some of them can print up to500 characters per seconds(cps); however they produce relatively low resolution output-72 or 144 dots per inch.

  6. Laser printers produce output at great speed and with a very high resolution of 600/2.400dpi. They scan the image with a laser beam and transfer it to paper with a special ink powder.

  7. Thermal Printer The quality thermal printer with dot matrix because it works the same principle, only thermal printer uses heat and not pressure or impact. The advantages of thermal printers are more. Quiet (not noisy) and has high speed is 6 pages per minute, the weakness is the need to use special paper.

  8. Inkjet Inkjet printers use ink.’Penyemprotannya’ using an electric charge labih So quiet and has high speed ie s / d 270 cps, and can ditengkapi with colored ink. The disadvantage ink jet printers have to use special paper so the mold must be dry before other color on him.

  9. Imagesetters can be regarded as an attractive alternative. They produce very high-resolution output(up to 3,540 dpi) on paper or microfilm. in addition, they are extremely fast.

  10. Interface The printers can be connected in series with a computer with RS-232C parallel with Centronic. But because the world is not the default printer computer technology and then to run a different printer with type computer then can use the software.

  11. Plotters are a special kind of printer. Plotters use ink and fine pens held in acarrige to draw very detailed designs on paper. They are used for construction plans,engineering drawings and other technical illustrations.