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affordable hosted pbx services - accessdirect PowerPoint Presentation
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affordable hosted pbx services - accessdirect

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affordable hosted pbx services - accessdirect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Since 1997, AccessDirect has brought affordable hosted PBX services, business voice mail, and fax services from our home offices in Kansas City to businesses of all sizes across the country.

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affordable hosted pbx services - accessdirect

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    1. Hosted PBX • Virtual PBX • SOHO PBX • Voice Mail Services • Fax to email • Automated Attendant • Virtual Receptionist • Answering Service • Toll Free 800 Numbers • Local Phone Number • Fax Numbers

    2. About AccessDirect Since 1997, AccessDirect has brought affordable hosted PBX services, business voice mail, and fax services from our home offices in Kansas City to businesses of all sizes across the country. At AccessDirect, it’s our mission to help smaller businesses get all the benefits of a big-company phone system, but without all the equipment, hassle, or expense. We provide your business comprehensive phone services with features such as: • Virtual auto attendant • Voice mail • Fax-to-email service • Toll-free and local phone numbers • Advanced call routing capabilities • After-hours emergency service, and more….

    3. Small Business PBX AccessDirect specializes in providing hosted PBX phone services for small businesses. Our small business PBX service is affordable, but does not compromise on quality. It offers some of the best features available in the industry. You can stay one step ahead of the competitors by providing your callers with a sophisticated interface. Our small business PBX service makes you look professional and sound like a large, established business even if you are operating from home.

    4. PBX Phone System AccessDirect’s easy-to-use hosted PBX phone service helps businesses project their professional image. With its efficient call handling, the advanced auto attendant feature of our virtual PBX service offers your business office an excellent telecommunication solution. Revolutionize Your Business Communication A virtual PBX phone service helps manage your virtual workforce more effectively. Our hosted PBX phone service is specially tailored to help small businesses present an enhanced business image. The auto attendant answers incoming calls professionally and routes them efficiently to the right person or extension. Our feature-rich hosted PBX service comes with voicemail, fax mail, auto attendant, conference calling, music-on-hold, and find-me/follow-me call forwarding functionalities.

    5. PBX Phone System Benefits of AccessDirect’s hosted PBX service • Improves staff productivity • Enhances customer service • Easy to install • Saves time and money • Scales with your enterprise • No administration required • Reduces telecommunication expenses

    6. Find Me Follow Me Your phone calls will find you…wherever you are. When you are waiting for an important phone call, you don’t want to miss it-whether it’s a sales call or a customer call. Now your phone calls can find you-wherever you are-with our find me follow me call forwarding feature. Here’s how it works. Using our simple hosted PBX phone service, you and your staff choose the phone numbers where you are available, whether it’s at the office, at home, or on a cell phone. Select one number as your primary number. When a phone call comes in from a customer, the PBX phone system will first try your primary default number. If you are not available there, then it will automatically send the call to the next number on your list, and the next. Finally, if you are not available at any of the numbers, the call will go to voicemail. The find me follow me call forwarding service is a standard feature of our hosted PBX/virtual phone service, which includes a full array of virtual messaging services-such as voicemail and fax mail. It works with your existing phones-you don’t have to buy new ones. And you’ll never miss an important call again.

    7. Fax to Email When you're running a business, you just can’t miss a fax. Get instant fax notifications in your email accounts with AccessDirect’s secure and user-friendly fax to email services. We ensure that you never miss an important fax – even if you do not have a fax machine! Call 877-599-6500 to know more about our fax-email services.

    8. Fax to Email Service Highlights The main highlights of AccessDirect’s fax to email services are: • Receive faxes 24x7 without a fax machine • No special software to buy or download • Save on stationery, ink, toner cartridges and paper • Check, save, delete, forward or print hard copy of the faxes • Access to your fax messages when not in the office • Cell phone or pager notification for new fax messages • Receive multiple faxes simultaneously • Faxes are easy to read • Store faxes electronically in any format and retrieve them easily • Get a combination voice/fax box

    9. Auto Attendant An auto attendant is an integral part of a virtual PBX phone system. An automated attendant can answer all incoming calls with a professionally recorded greeting and menu of options. Callers can dial by extension, dial by name, or choose from a list of options to reach a department or person. Manage your calls efficiently and improve your business operations. Call 877-599-6500 and one of our friendly sales associates can explain how we can customize an auto attendant phone system for your business. AccessDirect's Auto Attendant offers: • Dial by name • Dial by extension • Dial by department • Find-me/Follow-me call forwarding • Voicemail to email • 1-to-5 digit extensions • Music on transfer • Do Not Disturb

    10. Auto Attendant Benefits of AccessDirect's PBX Auto Attendant Service • Transfers calls without a receptionist • Responds to all incoming calls and connects them to the appropriate extension within your organization • Can connect to any phone or extension • Does not send out line busy signals • Improves staff productivity • Improves customer service • Saves time and money • Reduces caller on-hold time • Easily set up - no equipment to buy, install, or maintain

    11. Toll Free Numbers Customers Appreciate a Free Phone Call A toll free number not only gives you the appearance of being a large corporation with a national reputation, but it also gives your customers the courtesy of placing their call to you without incurring long distance charges-encouraging more prospective customers to call, every day. We can set you with a hosted auto attendant with a prime toll free phone numbers You can get an original 800 number, or one of the newer 888, 877, or 866 toll free numbers. You can even get a toll free vanity number that spells out your business name or concept-to help your customers remember that important phone number when they see your ad. If you already own a toll free number, we can transfer it to our hosted PBX phone service to give your callers the same professional call experience that they get at a large, multinational corporation. You don’t even need to purchase new phones-the toll free number can ring to your current phone. In as little as 24 hours, you can enjoy all the features of our auto attendant system-including toll free voice mail, fax mail, caller ID, find me follow me, and call forwarding. It’s the perfect virtual receptionist for your business.

    12. Thank You Contact Us Call 877-599-6500 or Email Us We can help you find a solution, however unique your needs are! Our sales representatives are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST to answer any questions you may have about our PBX phone service. Sales - Ext 12 - Customer Service - Ext 11 - Billing - Ext 16 - Visit Our Site: