your business telecom needs hosted pbx n.
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Your Business Telecom Needs Hosted PBX PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Business Telecom Needs Hosted PBX

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Your Business Telecom Needs Hosted PBX - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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>> What Is Hosted PBX VoIP?\n>> Why Use a Hosted PBX Service.\n>> Major Advantages of Hosted PBX Systems.\n>> How Can Hosted PBX Help You Gain The Communication Balance.\n>> Hosted PBX Giving Small Businesses Flexibility While Cutting Costs.

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  • What Is Hosted PBX VoIP?
  • Why Use a Hosted PBX Service
  • Major Advantages of Hosted PBX Systems
  • How Can Hosted PBX Help You Gain The Communication Balance
  • Hosted PBX Giving Small Businesses Flexibility While Cutting Costs
what is hosted pbx voip
What Is Hosted PBX VoIP?
  • The technical definition of Hosted PBX VoIP systems is not so far off from that of conventional phones hardware- Private Branch eXchange (PBX). Though providers of this service seem not to be united in their definition in an attempt to distinguish their offering from the competition, the system still remains a telephone switchboard. But unlike traditional Private Branch eXchange hardware, they are not kept with the user, rather, they remain with the service provider; in the providing of PBX VoIP service from a remote location lies the technical concept of hosting. Usually, the user is linked to the remote PBX VoIP eXchange device with an IP.
why use a hosted pbx service
Why Use a Hosted PBX Service
  • Operational Benefits
    • With Hosted PBX system more is possible! As long as there is enough internet bandwidth and telephones available, there is no limit to the number of simultaneous calls you can make; you won’t get this value on regular telephone system as the system can only allow calls from subscriber lines registered with the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC).
    • You can receive several fax messages at a time using a Hosted PBX system
  • Hosted PBX systems offer you automatic storage of fax messages with an in-built capacity to convert such messages to e-mail for onward distribution.
    • The system can handle simultaneous sending and receipt of fax messages.
why use a hosted pbx service 1
Why Use a Hosted PBX Service
  • Service Benefits
    • Generally, the quality of service delivery Hosted PBX service providers render cannot be matched by those provided by service providers of telephone systems; and what's more revealing is that no telephone system service provider may ever be able to cover the gap in service delivery as many service disruption problems that crops up at the users would require the services of technician before it is fixed. Meanwhile all the time there is disruption to service, the subscriber loses but in the case of Hosted PBX every reported hitch in service is immediately resolved from the facility of the host; so you get faster response time and little or no downtime.
    • Subscribers to the Hosted PBX platform have the freedom to move their phone around just the way they want it in the four walls of their office.
why use a hosted pbx service 2
Why Use a Hosted PBX Service
  • In a proactive move, Hosted VoIP providers keep a 24 hours surveillance on customer's lines in order to avert impending service disruption, for users monitor their 0pcustomers 24 hours a day and can repair trouble without the customer's knowledge. Traditional telephone system customers must discover their own problems with the phone system and then initiate the repair process.
  • Hosted VoIP systems are very resistant systems with alternative connection routes so that if a route is affected or impeded by adverse weather conditions and natural disaster, the system automatically re-route. So practically if your IP phone loses contact with the Host's system, some programs like voicemails and call forwarding would be activated to auto response mode on the service provider's system.
major advantages of hosted pbx systems
Major Advantages of Hosted PBX Systems
  • Hosted PBX System with just its Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) function gives you impeccable telephone and voicemail quality. No need for real-time monitoring systems or call transfers between extensions; with just ACD and other sophisticated internet-enabled administration functions, Hosted PBX System so easily perform various PBX services including managing call queues, bringing new users on board, altering hunt groups and so on. The most interesting part of this is that they are not even as complex as the old phone-based PBX system, an amateur can confidentially operate the system and feel like a pro.
  • More so, one other premium feature of Hosted PBX systems is their automatic voicemail transfer system. Sometimes you may not be there to answer voicemail calls on your PBX hardware, but with Hosted PBX systems such voice mail calls can be set in such a way that they are diverted to your cell phone’s voicemail facility.
how can hosted pbx help you gain the communication balance
How Can Hosted PBX Help You Gain The Communication Balance
  • It makes managing your business, communication platforms more convenient as you now have a central location as a communication management hub for all annexes of your business.
  • The seamless combination of many communication systems including cell phones, POTS, PSTN phones, VoIP and ISDN is possible on Hosted PBX systems.
  • It cuts off the expense associated with keeping PBX hardware systems up and running; that cost simple passes over to the service provider.
  • It affords you the opportunity to add as many extensions as you want; this makes Hosted PBX services scalable and cost-effective.
  • With Hosted PBX services, you have access to your business’ communication base 24/7.
hosted pbx giving small businesses flexibility while cutting costs
Hosted PBX Giving Small Businesses Flexibility While Cutting Costs
  • All of the benefits offered by a Hosted PBX system before long have ripple effects on business operations. First, with committing its communication system into the hands of a host, a business has one less item off its to-do list thereby freeing up more time for other business pursuits. Another thing is that reduced cost is tantamount to increased profit; and to reiterate it, cost savings comes as the greatest benefit a Hosted PBX service has on offer; now the same amount a business could have invested in the purchase and installation of limited traditional PBX hardware can be used to purchase multiple lines with so many utility services to enjoy.
  • If you want a phone system with an integrity of a sure connection, you can't look beyond Hosted PBX systems as there would never come a time where you would have to fumble with any hardware component for developing a fault; this is purely the host's responsibility given the fact that the server and other communication infrastructure are with them and since many of them are experts in managing and maintain complex communication systems, there are slim chances of having a system break-down or downtime.
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