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  1. LACTIC ACID BACTERIUM PREPARATION (Lactobacillus sakei- HS-1 *) derived from Japanese pickle(kimuchi) *material patent No. 3091196owned by Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan manufactured by Nasu Bioferm, Japan Different from lactic acid bacteria derived from animals There are so many lactic acid bacteria preparations available in the world. These, however, were all derived from animal origins. There were not lactic acid bacteria preparations derived from plants available commercially in the world. Recently Lactic acid bacteria have been derived from vegetables commercially and these become popular. Lactic acid bacteria from animals (animal feces) vs Lactic acid bacteria from plants

  2. APPLICATION FOR DRINK One example, KAGOME, one of the biggest drink manufacturer in Japan, launched a lactic acid bacteria drink which is derived from vegetable, not from animal. It has become boom. As soon as it has been displayed on the shelf of super markets, it has been immediately sold out, because it has given good image to customers due to plant origin lactic acid bacterium, not animal origin and the lactic acid bacterium contained there has stronger resistance in bile juice, compared with animal origin lactic acid bacteria. Coca Cola Japan has recently launched a plant origin lactic acid bacteria drink. As this is new type of lactic acid bacterium, especially in Europe, this must be of great interest. APPLICATION FOR VEGETABLE PICKLES Suitable for vegetable pickle production, for example, for Korean KIMUCHI production, for German sauerkraut, sour kraut in English, production.

  3. APPLICATION FOR OTHER EXAMPLES for yogurt production for probiotic for good intestine flora The followings were proved, using this plant origin lactic acid bacterium preparation : ○This vegetable origin lactic acid bacterium was survived and was more active through stomach and intestines. This plant origin lactic acid bacterium is active and still remained active in the intestines and so it worked as probiotic in the intestines and improved intestine flora. ○Due to its homo type lactic acid bacterium, this produces lactic acid only, and as it does not produce acetic acid, thus did not produce irritating odor and gas in the pickles.

  4. Advantages to use this lactic acid bacteria for vegetable pickles ○This can ferment vegetable pickles well, due to lactic acid bacteria derived from plant (vegetable), too. ○As this has 8% of salt resistance, this can be applied to most of all pickles production. ○At such a low temperature as 15 – 20 deg. C, this ferments well, while animal origin lactic acid bacteria are not so resistant to this temperature. ○Due to sound propagation of this vegetable origin lactic acid bacterium, it prevents from the propagation of contamination like hetero type of lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, fungi, and yeast. ○This vegetable origin lactic acid bacteria ferments faster and so, its pH drops faster, because of the production of lactic acid faster. ○ The use of this vegetable origin lactic acid bacterium produces more palatability, making the taste mild and has better mouth-feel, compared with the control group (no addition of lactic acid bacterium). ○After the fermentation of pickles, this plant origin lactic acid bacteria is still active. When taking this pickle, it works as probiotic in the intestines and improves intestine flora, too.