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CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology

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CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring Careers. Victor Martinez. Brawley Union High School. FINAL PRESENTATION. CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology. My name is Victor Martinez and I am an ELD teacher at Brawley Union High School. Web site // E-mail

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Exploring Careers

Victor Martinez

Brawley Union High School


CTAP 295 Teaching with Technology


My name is Victor Martinez and I am an ELD teacher at Brawley Union High School.

Web site //


My lesson takes students through the exploration, research and presentation of careers.

Standards: Grades Nine and TenLanguage Arts: 2.0 Writing ApplicationsELD:  Writing ConventionsOrganization & Focus, Research and Technology

  • To become more familiar with computer applications
  • To learn strategies in implementing technology
  • To learn how to access resources
  • To be able to incorporate technology in lessons
  • Basic principles of Microsoft Office programs
  • Better use of search engines
  • How to evaluate web sites
  • How to analyze technological data for revision
  • Students anxious to use computer skills
  • New terms
  • Student creativity
  • High interest
  • Students thinking about the future
  • Working with school and lab schedules
  • Students frustrated with technology
  • Plagiarism
  • Students working at a different pace
  • Incomplete assignments

Student Data

This chart compares scores of pre and post- tests. 16 of 27 students showed an improvement in the post-test.


This chart shows the relationship between post-test scores and overall student averages. A majority of the students had low post-test scores compared to average scores.

data analysis and revisions
9 students had lower post-test scores

2 students scored the same as pre-test

7 students improved by only 10%

14 students had lower post-test scores compared to overall averages

Terms on pre and post-test should be reviewed or taught as vocabulary

Data Analysis and Revisions
concluding statement
Concluding Statement

The implementation of this project provided me with valuable training and resources in two important areas. Technology and standard based lessons have become a priority in our state and this project addresses this matter. It is the students that will benefit when a teacher can effectively use technology in all aspects of the learning process.

students at work
Students at work

Students are working on career surveys and looking for useful web sites.


Students organize their research using graphic organizers. This information will be used to create the research paper.


Students conclude project with a speech sharing career information including graphs on career earnings.