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Giant Panda

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By: Savannah Dotterman. Giant Panda.

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I chose this animal because although they have been known to be a quiet and harmless herbivore animal people still feel the need to cut down there food and home just so they can have a farm that would be just as efficient in another area. Just as the felt the need to kill them for there beautiful fur. Just because the animal is helpless doesn’t mean people have the right to take advantage of that.

guess what

Panda’s only live in 6 small areas in inland China.

The habitat, suitable for the bamboo on which it survives, is a cold, damp coniferous forest.

Leopards have been known to hunt and eat baby giant pandas.

Guess What!
diseases and protection

Given a natural diet and adequate veterinary care, giant pandas are basically free of major medical problems in captivity.

Although in a survey of 61 pandas 14.8% exhibited a stunted development syndrome.

9.8% had skin mites.

In wild pandas round worms have been found.

To protect giant panda’s the government decided to cage any panda that showed signs in a decline of health.

As of now the worldwide total estimate is less than 1600 pandas which is fairly well compared to the very low of only 1000 not to long ago.

Diseases and Protection
how affect the environment how does having this organism affect the environment

Pandas were rarely thought to have medical uses. The few known uses include the Sichuan tribal peoples' use of panda urine to melt accidentally swallowed needles, and the use of panda pelts to control menses.

Panda’s food is bamboo and it does take up farmland in China. Our country spends lots of money on there conservation.

How affect the environment? How does having this organism affect the environment?
increase the numbers

I think to increase the numbers of this organism we should breed them and train them to live in their own environment. Although first we have to stop chopping down their food and find different spots for farmers land. I think with time and precision we will be able to get this adorable animal off the endangered species list.

Increase the Numbers

The Giant Panda became endangered because of:

Farmers cutting down there food for farm land.

Hunting them for their pelts.

Leopards hunting baby pandas.