US IOOS®: A Partnership for Lives and Livelihoods
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Our Planet is Changing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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US IOOS®: A Partnership for Lives and Livelihoods. Our Planet is Changing. We need advanced tools to understand and monitor our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes . Zdenka Willis Director, US IOOS Program Office. U.S. IOOS ® : Program Overview. WHO. WHAT. Observations Data Management

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US IOOS®: A Partnership for Lives and Livelihoods

Our Planet is Changing

We need advanced tools tounderstand and monitor our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes

Zdenka Willis

Director, US IOOS Program Office

U s ioos program overview
U.S. IOOS®: Program Overview



  • Observations

  • Data Management

  • Modeling and Analysis

WHY: 7 Goals, 1 System

  • Weather and climate change

  • Maritime operations

  • Natural hazards

  • Homeland security

  • Public health risks

  • Healthy coastal ecosystems

  • Sustain Living Marine Resources


WHERE: Global and Coastal Components

Enhances science and improves decision making

Coastal component
Coastal Component

  • Comprised of federal agencies (National level) and non-federal (Regional level)

  • Geographic extent: EEZ to the head of the tide

  • Based on 26 variables

  • Data Management and Communications (DMAC) is a major focus that is intended to be enterprise wide from National to Regional scales

NANOOS funds:

UW, WA State Dept. Ecology, OHSU, OSU, OR Dept State Lands assets, ~19 in total

NANOOS displays:

Federal, Tribal, State, University, Private assets, 167 in total

Us hf radar network
US HF Radar Network

  • Operated by > 30 institutions

  • Used by > 40 government/private entities

  • Industry Partner: US-based CODAR Ocean Sensor

  • Uses:

  • + Coast Guard : Search &Rescue: Oil spill + Water Quality; Criminal Forensics

  • + Commercial marine navigation + Off Shore Energy

  • + Harmful algal blooms + Marine fisheries

  • + Emerging – Tsunami

Global hf radar network
Global HF Radar Network

  • Group Earth Observations (GEO)

    • 88 Member governments and the European Commission, working with 61 Participating Organizations focused on the importance of Earth Observations to Societal Benefits

  • Component under 2 Tasks in the GEO workplan 2012-2015

    • IIN-01 Earth Observing Systems

    • SB-01 Oceans and Society: Blue Planet

  • What:

    • Transform individual HF Radar networks into a global system where we can provide high quality HF Radar for a range of used.

    • Development of easy to use standard products

    • Assimilate HF Radar data into models

Us ioos use of gliders
US IOOS®: Use of Gliders

2010 2011 uaf arctic glider missions


2010/2011 UAF Arctic Glider Missions

  • AOOS glider broke records by continuously sampling in the Chukchi Sea for over 9 weeks, collecting over 11,000 vertical profiles, covering 1,000 km.

  • Operates in extreme environments

  • Enhanced safety of personnel

  • Supports critical research missions

Eugene Bodfish, Olgoonik Oilfield Services; Peter Winsor, UAF, Andrew Mullen, intern from Notre Dame University, prepare to launch a glider from C/V Tukpuk o" Wainwright, Alaska. Photo courtesy of Hank Statscewich, UAF

2012 ioos demos
2012 IOOS® Demos

Wave Glider - Liquid Robotics®

  • Deployments selected to capture seasonal temperature shift and if sensors available, fish migration

  • NERACOOS: Wave glider and 2 fetch nodes deployed now

  • NOAA - DART Buoy comparison: 1 tsunami fetch node will be deployed near the DART buoy for up to 1 year

  • MARACOOS: Wave glider and 2 fetch nodes along Hudson Canyon shelf in Fall 2012


Fetch Node

Ioos ra s water quality
IOOS RA’s & Water Quality

Beach Condition Forecasts

Data Services:Simplifying access to data

Plume Tracking

Customized Products

Hurricane irene hf radar and gliders
Hurricane Irene: HF Radar and Gliders

Eye Passes over NJ mid-day on Aug 28

Ioos summit vision
IOOS Summit Vision

Why an IOOS Summit?

  • To bring together community leaders to develop a coordinated strategy

  • To better integrate regional, national, and global efforts

    What do we want to achieve?

  • A clear understanding of progress made toward achieving IOOS in the last decade

  • A fundamental understanding of the requirements needed to maintain IOOS

  • A strong community consensus on the way forward for the next decade

    How do we ensure success?

  • Solicit the community through written submissions prior to the meeting

  • Ensure broad representative participation at the meeting

  • Identify strategies for enhancing IOOS capabilities in the next decade


A New Decade for an

Integrated and Sustained

Ocean Observing System

November 13-16, 2012

Hyatt Dulles | Herndon, VA

Summit outcomes
Summit Outcomes

IOOS Summit Proceedings

Community white papers
Community White Papers

  • Informs a U.S. IOOS strategy over the next decade

    • Be “forward-looking”

    • Express new opportunities

    • Refresh existing plans

    • Explore new and evolving technology and information

    • Examine future requirements for user-needs

    • Identify contributions from new communities

Community white papers1
Community White Papers

  • Highlight benefits to IOOS Subsystems

    • Observing

    • Data Management & Communications

    • Modeling & Analysis

    • Governance and Management

    • Research & Development

    • Training & Education



Summit participation
Summit Participation

  • Contribution to Summit Proceedings (45)

  • Diversity from IOOS Sectors (44)

  • Geographic Representation (43)

  • Federal Agency Representation (22)

  • Co-Chairs and Staff Support (16)

  • Invited Speakers and Dignitaries (16)

  • At-Large Picks for Balance or Special Needs (12)

  • Total = 200

Summit timeline
Summit Timeline

Expressions of Interest

White Papers Due

Writing Groups

IOOS Summit

Editorial Review

Attendee Selection

Complete Proceedings

Roll-Out Strategy

July 20 Final Revisions Due

U s ioos a national endeavor but in a global context
U.S. IOOS® : A National Endeavor but in a Global Context

  • Comprehensive system

  • Data Integration critical

  • Sustaining the enterprise requires engagement by all