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Saving our planet

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Saving our planet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Saving our planet
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  1. Saving our planet By: Natalee Ramirez

  2. What is Global Warming? Global warming is when all of our factories smoke gets in the air and makes the ozone layer thicker to where it gets to the point where it prevents sun rays from reflecting back into space. It causes worsen hurricanes, tornados and cause lots of destruction.

  3. Cause of Global Warming • A first cause of global warming is the cutting down of trees, called deforestation.

  4. Cause of Global Warming • The first cause of global warming is pollution

  5. How Does Global Warming Effect the Planet? Global warming effects the planet by worsening hurricanes and other natural disasters.

  6. What Can We Do To Make It Better? • Some thing we can do to avoid global warming is to NOT pollute the air with gas and other things to pollute the air.

  7. What Do Hurricanes Have to Do with Global Warming? • Global warming causes the oceans to warm up. When hurricanes hit these warm patches of water, the hurricanes get stronger.

  8. Hurricane Katrina • Hurricane Katrina was a hurricane that took place on August 29th,2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana. • Many people lost their lives homes and family members. • Global Warming played a role in the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina because of tropical depressions and low pressure .

  9. What Happened After the Hurricane? • Some things that happened to the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was loss of power, loss of MANY lives, and damages to homes and roads.

  10. What is Energy? • Energy is defined by “ the ability to do work.” • Some things we use everyday that use energy is Ovens, lights, game systems, and televisions. • The difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy is that with renewable energy you can reuse the energy and with non-renewable energy you cant reuse it again.

  11. Non-Renewable energy • With Non-Renewable energy you can’t reuse the energy again. • The benefits of this energy is that they can be made by other fossil fuels like animal remains and plants. • This effects our environment in a bad way because it can pollute the air. With Renewable energy it doesn’t pollute the air directly but with Non-Renewable energy it does.

  12. Renewable energy • With Renewable energy you can reuse it again and again, which is a huge benefit. • This effects our environment in a good way because it relies on natural resources and it does not directly cause air pollution.

  13. What is Recycling? Recycling is something that you do to take your cans, and bottles to so you can reuse them. The 3 R’s are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Cans, bottles, and paper can be things that are reused from recycled things.

  14. Why Should We Recycle? • The first reason why we should recycle is because we can save our planet. • The second reason why we should we recycle is because we can reuse the things we recycle. • The third reason why we should recycle is because it is good for the environment.

  15. How Do We Recycle? We recycle by putting bottles, and cans in the recycling bin and putting them on the curbside for collection.