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What was the deadline about for Monday , Sept 23 rd , 2014? PowerPoint Presentation
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What was the deadline about for Monday , Sept 23 rd , 2014?

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What was the deadline about for Monday , Sept 23 rd , 2014? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What was the deadline about for Monday , Sept 23 rd , 2014?
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  1. What was the deadline about for Monday, Sept 23rd, 2014?

  2. Explain to the class what do you understand from the task you completed by Monday?

  3. Assessment 3 • RESUME • COVER LETTER

  4. The focus for today! • RESUME • COVER LETTER

  5. Cover LetterWednesdaySEPT 25th, 2014

  6. LEARNING OUTCOME At the end of the lesson, students should be able to write a cover letter that accompanies a resume.

  7. Let’s guess… • How does a cover letter look like? • What is cover letter for?

  8. Cover letter … • … highlights key points in your resume. • … expresses your interest in a position. • … shows off your qualifications to a prospective employer.

  9. Some tips Use first person pronoun Write your cover letter in first person ‘I’. Description Be brief - do not over explain everything. 5 1 Signature Sign your name – avoid using script fonts on the computers . Be truthful Tell the truth- never make up 6 2 Tone Be sure the writing tone is positive and pleasant. Specify career goals State the career goals based on the post you are applying for. 3 7 Deadly typos Don’t misspell anything at all! Be professional Do not write about your personal life unless they relate to the job at hand. 8 4

  10. types Three main types: 1. The application letter which responds to a known job opening. 2. The prospecting letter which inquires about possible positions. 3. The networking letter which requests information and assistance in your job search. → Hard copy correspondence → E-mail correspondence

  11. Pre-writing WHAT’S NEXT? 1. Find out details about the company or employer in mind- websites, brochures, pamphlets, etc. 2. Study about the job openings- choose the one related to you. 3. Brainstorm the reasons why you are the ideal candidate.

  12. Continued 4. Put some efforts to find out the name of the person the letter should be addressed to. 5. Make sure the date of the cover letter is within the duration of the job opening. 6. Avoid writing more than one page. 7. Do not repeat what appear in your resume.

  13. BEGINNING 1. Applicant’s name, contact address, phone # and email address. 2. Date 3. The oganization’scomplete contact address 4. Proper salutation (Malay, Western, Asian, Middle Eastern) • Dear En. QayyumMazlan • Dear Mrs. Tara Putusamy • Dear Mr. Simon Tam • Dear Ms. Beatrix Adams (Dear Ms. Adams) • Dear the Human Resource Manager ** 5. Subject heading

  14. Amir b. Aman39 Taman Bahagia50101 KlangTel: 011-111 7574 E-mail: amiraman@qq.comSeptember 24th, 2014 Teresa OwenHuman Resource Manager Jack & Jill Sdn. Bhd.1617 Memory Lane50002 Kuala Lumpur Dear Ms. Owen Application for a Post of a Marine Engineer ? ? ? ? ?

  15. FIRSt paragraph • Purpose: Establish reasons for applying. • Details: State where you learn about the vacancy (date and source), the reason for writing. Mention your background of current position.

  16. I am interested in the position as a marine engineer (job title) as advertised on September 22nd, 2014 in your company’s website, (date and source). I am a fresh graduate from University of Satellite with a degree in Chemical Engineering with CGPA of 3.55. (education/ background of current job/ status).

  17. SECOND paragraph • Technical Skills • Soft skills • Experience/ Training • Any value added skills ** If there are too many information, you can divide them into 2 paragraphs.

  18. During my undergraduate study, I was responsible to install and maintain the floating solutions at a simulated plant at our university (technical skill). I was also responsible in designing eco-friendly mills (technical skill). Therefore, I am comfortable with jobs related to offshore and marine operations (elaboration of technical skills). I was given the chance to lead a group in designing the mills (softskill)and I managed to ensure everyone in my team to work together(softskill)and we received the best team award from the university(elaboration of softskill).I have attended various production technology workshops that provide the chances for me to be up-to-date with the evolving technology (training/ experience). During my tenure at the industrial attachment at XYZ Petrochemical, I was responsible to identify deficiencies in human resources, equipment and processes. Such added values qualify me to serve your company at my best (value added).

  19. THIRD paragraph • Mention the attached resume. • Ask for an interview with specific contact details, e.g. state either email address and/ or cellphone number. ** Depending on the number of the previous paragraphs, this could be written as the 4th paragraph BUT everything must be in ONE page ONLY!

  20. Attached is my resume for your reference (mention resume).I am available to be contacted for an interview at 011-111 7574 or (request for interview with specific contact details). I enthusiastically look forward to applying my knowledge and experience into practice at your company. I look forward to receiving your reply. Thank you.

  21. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE • Respectfully • Respectfully yours • Sincerely • Sincerely yours • Yours sincerely • With appreciation • With gratitude

  22. ending • YOUR SIGNATURE • NAME

  23. Respectfully (Complimentary close) AmirAman(Your signature) Amir b. Aman(Name) .

  24. What’s next? • Snail mail AND/ OR • E-mail

  25. Etiquette in writing e-mails for job application • Personalize your email to each recipient (one email to one organization) • E-mail subject: Application for … (the same as in the subject heading for the cover letter) • Content: • Salutation (Dear …) • The first sentence of the first paragraph in the cover letter. • Mention attachment e.g. Attached are my cover letter and resume for your consideration. I look forward to receiving your reply soon. Thank you. • Complimentary close e.g. Best regards, • Name

  26. PHRASES TO USE • Page 33 contains some examples of phrases to use in cover letter.


  28. Continued Correctness • Refers to accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation. • Ensure that syntax are correct • correct use of subject-verb agreements • e.g. the word “data” is a plural word and takes a plural verb and plural articles.

  29. Continued Clarity • Refers to ideas that are clearly expressed. • Avoid the overuse of jargon and acronyms. • Clear writing involves the elimination of • unnecessary words • roundabout expressions (wordiness) • needless repetition • jargon • acronyms

  30. Continued Conciseness • Refers to the economical use of words. • Ideas are concisely delivered by using appropriate vocabulary.

  31. Continued Coherence • Refers to the logical flow of ideas. • The use of transition -logical movement from one idea to the next.

  32. Continued Control • Refers mainly to total organization of the cover letter. • Excellent fulfilment of the task requirements in the introductory, body and concluding paragraphs.

  33. KEYWORDS Keywords from the job ad gives you all the information you need. Make a list:

  34. Example

  35. FINAL CHECK • Double and triple check before sending. • Check for spelling errors and typos. • Don not go over a page. • Be sure to send both resume and resume cover letter to the prospective employer.

  36. PRACTICE Find a job advertisement and bring it to the class next week for a practice