providian trust case project management and organizational change n.
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Providian Trust Case: Project Management and Organizational Change PowerPoint Presentation
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Providian Trust Case: Project Management and Organizational Change

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Providian Trust Case: Project Management and Organizational Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Providian Trust Case: Project Management and Organizational Change. BA 652 Fall 2008. Agenda. Announcement – Next Thursday A3 reports of Access Plus Implementation Review of Facts of the Case Project Management Issues Business Process Change Issues Current Situation

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Presentation Transcript
  • Announcement – Next Thursday
  • A3 reports of Access Plus Implementation
  • Review of Facts of the Case
  • Project Management Issues
  • Business Process Change Issues
  • Current Situation
  • Characteristics of Successful Change
next thursday guest speaker
Next Thursday – Guest Speaker
  • Brian Blue
    • 1970 Economics Major from NAU CBA
    • Worked at Macy’s from 1971 until 2007
    • Retired as Macy’s Group Vice President
  • He has done a number of implementations of the type we have been reading about in our cases.
  • His resume is in your email this morning.
  • Assignment: Develop two questions for him after looking at his resume. Due Wed.
project facts
Project Facts
  • Size
    • Implement of Access Plus by Select One
    • 18 mil start 1993 (12 mil spent by 5/1995)
  • Organization
    • Steering Committee (LeBlanc VP Trust & Inv)
    • Implementation Committee (LeBlanc)
    • Project Team (Todd Benari VP Trust Operations)

Back Office Dominant

project facts1
Project Facts
  • Project Impacts
    • Purpose
      • Increase customer service
      • Centralize financial/statement/client administration
      • Reduce workforce by 180 FTE
    • Process Changes
      • Move client control to back office
      • Transform trust managers to client relations
      • Software precondition to process changes
how does access plus fit with providian s business and organizational strategies
How does Access Plus fit with Providian’s Business and Organizational Strategies?

Business Strategy





project management issues
Project Management Issues
  • What did you identify as the most critical shortcomings of Providian in managing this project?
a project management view
A Project Management View
  • Why do 84% of IS projects fail or don’t meet original expectations?
    • Lack of clear system requirements
    • Lack of User involvement
    • Lack of management or executive support
    • Lack of thorough and detailed project plan
    • Unrealistic estimates about cost of schedule
project management issues1
Project Management Issues
  • Are there current problems with the organizational structure of the project?
  • Are all aspects of the organization represented on committees and analysis teams?
  • What is the level of executive support from Walsh?
  • Are there issues with the HR job selection process?
  • Do issues exist with composition and delivery of training?
  • What level of formality should exist in project processes?
project management issues2
Project Management Issues
  • Project Organization
    • Insufficient representation of “front office” personnel on Steering, Implementation, and project team.
    • Dysfunctional Steering committee
    • Lack of executive support from Walsh
  • Project Processes
    • Lack of user involvement from client services
    • HR screening and selection of new work force flawed
    • Trust officers not included in SWE
    • Training not offered just-in-time with equipment in place
resistance to change employees resent and resist change when
Resistance to Change:Employees resent and resist change when:
  • The purpose is not made clear
  • They are not involved in the planning
  • The appeal for acceptance is based on personal reasons
  • Habit patterns of the work group are ignored
  • There are poor communications regarding the change
  • There is fear of failure
  • Excessive work pressure is involved
  • The cost is too high or reward is too low
  • The present situation seems satisfactory

Source: Industrial Management, March, 1966

business process change issues
Business Process Change Issues
  • How will the delivery of client services change at Providian after the system implementation?
  • How has the job role and associated skills changed for the trust officer?
  • Will clients be treated differently under the new system? If so how will this affect their loyalty to Providian?
business process change issues1
Business Process Change Issues
  • Organizational Process Impacts
    • Transfer client control from personal trust officer to “back office”
    • Trust officers must get computer literacy
    • Trust officer new role as relations manager only
    • Access Plus a precondition of process change
    • Mass elimination of workforce (180 FTE)
    • Training centers cause self-learning of new skills
    • High morale and stress problems
    • Overall lack of business process change analysis
  • Client Relations Impacts
    • Loss of client management from trust officer
    • Loss of customization/personalization of information
    • Retrain to new statements and administration procedures
tactics for dealing with resistance to change
Tactics for Dealing with Resistance to Change
  • Education and Communication
  • Participation
  • Facilitation and Support
  • Negotiation
  • Manipulation and Cooptation
  • Coercion

Source: Robbins, Organization Theory

elements most effected
Elements Most Effected




Deci-sion Rights





People, Information& Technology


Formal struc-ture





Infor. Net-works

Perf. Meas/ Evalu-ation



Incen-tives & Rew.




characteristics of successful changes
Characteristics of Successful Changes
  • Relative advantage
    • Is the change perceived as better than the old way or state of being?
  • Compatibility
    • Is the change consistent with the existing values and needs of the organization and the clients?
characteristics of successful changes ii
Characteristics of Successful Changes II
  • Complexity
    • Is the change considered convenient, easy to use, and easy to understand?
  • Trialability
    • Can the change be experimented with on a limited basis (such as a demonstration project or limited roll-out)?
characteristics of successful changes iii
Characteristics of Successful Changes III
  • Observability
    • Are the benefits of the change clearly visible to organization members and clients?
  • Reasonable risk
    • Are changes perceived as too risky in any dimension?
characteristics of successful changes iv
Characteristics ofSuccessful Changes IV
  • Perceived risk dimensions
    • Functional – May not perform
    • Financial – May cost too much
    • Physical – May be harmful
    • Psychological – May not meet “self – concept needs”
    • Social – May cause social problems
next time
Next Time
  • Readings
    • Pearlson and Saunders, Chapter 5
    • Vandalay Case
  • Assignment
    • Group Assignment:  Prepare an A3 report and a set of power point slides that identifies the key issue that must be addressed to make the ERP implementation successful and lays out a plan for the remainder of the implementation process.