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ULI - the Urban Land Institute. Fort Lauderdale Beach Advisory Services Panel. November 10 - 15, 2002. Special Thanks to our Primary Sponsors. City of Fort Lauderdale and Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board (BRAB). What is ULI?. Non-profit research and educational organization

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special thanks to our primary sponsors
Special Thanks to our Primary Sponsors

City of Fort Lauderdale


Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board (BRAB)

what is uli
What is ULI?
  • Non-profit research and educational organization
  • Mission to promote responsible leadership in the use of land to enhance the total environment
  • 17,000 members representing all real estate-related professions worldwide
what is the advisory services program
What is the Advisory Services Program?
  • An objective assessment of challenging land use planning and real estate development issues
  • By a panel of experts who volunteer their time
  • Serving non-profit, public and private sector sponsors
  • Conducting18-20 panels each year throughout the U.S. and abroad
the team s assignment
The Team’s Assignment:

The City asked:

“Are we on the right track?”

two futures are possible
Two Futures are Possible:

Benign Neglect


Affirmative Attention

a suggested vision
A Suggested Vision:

“A Resort Community with a Beach Lifestyle”

  • What it includes?
  • What it excludes?
initial observations
Initial Observations
  • The need for an updated and coherent Master Plan
  • The importance of Phasing
  • The value of Leadership
uli panelists
ULI Panelists
  • William H. Hudnut, III (Chair) Senior Resident Fellow, ULI, Washington, DC
  • David C. Biggs, Economic Development Director, City of Huntington Beach, CA
  • Donald J. Bredberg, CEO, Adventure Studios, Inc., Burbank, CA
  • Michael R. Buchanan, (retired) Managing Director, Bank of America Real Estate Banking Group, Atlanta, GA
  • Ross Tilghman, Principal, TDA Inc., Seattle, WA
Barbara Faga, Chair of the Board, EDAW, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Marshall Kramer, Senior VP, Walker Parking Consultants, Elgin, IL
  • W. Thomas Lavash, Senior Associate, Economic Research Associates, Washington, DC
  • Mark Papa, Vice President, Lee Associates, Washington, DC
  • Tom J. Storrs, Design Principal, HNTB Corporation, Washington, DC
economic demographic overview
Economic/Demographic Overview
  • Population Trends
  • Employment Trends
  • Economic Engines
    • Tourism
    • Marine-related
hotel market overview
Hotel Market Overview
  • 2002 results lower than 2001
  • Market focus on domestic and drive-in visitors
  • Two major opportunity areas
    • Rainbow alliance
    • Family audience
hotel development potential
Hotel Development Potential
  • No new hotel rooms built in the last 10 years -- big pipeline
  • Near-term barriers to development of new rooms
  • Viability of 5-star product
  • Renovation/meeting space
condo hotel fractional ownership
Condo-Hotel/Fractional Ownership
  • Condo-hotel is a financing tool -- fundamentals apply
  • Early positive results
  • Timeshare has not yet demonstrated viability
office market conditions
Office Market Conditions
  • Job growth fuels demand
  • Weak economy: vacant space
  • Downtown as employment center
  • Central Beach not a viable submarket
  • Solid niche in marine-related office
office development potential live work play
Office Development Potential“Live Work Play”
  • Opportunities for marine-related
  • New housing to support professional offices
  • Locations should provide visibility, parking
  • Co-locate marine office space with marinas
retail market conditions
Retail Market Conditions
  • Visitors spend $4.1 billion
  • Las Olas Blvd: economic success
  • Substantial retail leakage: only 270,000 sf of inventory
  • Tenant turnover at Beach Place
  • Street level retail: limited quality
retail market potentials casual sophistication
Retail Market Potentials“Casual Sophistication”
  • Identify opportunities to extend visitor stay
  • Support public initiatives
  • Façade improvements
  • High-quality destination restaurants
  • New housing: limited demand for convenience retail
residential market conditions
Residential Market Conditions
  • 3,200 existing units; cap of 5,500
  • Strong market demand
  • 800 units proposed
  • 10-year build-out
  • Pricing: $250-$375/sf
residential development opportunities what a place
Residential Development Opportunities“What a Place”
  • High-quality design is critical
  • Support historic preservation in North Beach
  • Public initiatives: streetscape, code enforcement
  • Build brand identity: “NoBe”, Rainbow Alliance/CVB
Marina District
  • Beach Entertainment District
  • Mid-Beach District
  • North Beach Community District
  • Sunrise Lane District
Revitalization Plan
  • Zoning Code/Guidelines
  • Districts/Uses
  • Destination Resort
  • Preservation/Revitalization
  • Regulation/Approvals
  • Pedestrian Scale
  • Goals & Objectives
transportation objectives
Transportation Objectives
  • Greater convenience
  • Easier to understand
  • More walkable
  • More resort like
transportation system
Transportation System
  • Street Network
  • Parking
  • Transit
  • Walkways and bicycle routes
  • Water routes
  • Signs
street improvements
Street Improvements
  • Need two-way traffic
    • 4+2 scheme:
      • 4 lanes on Seabreeze Boulevard
      • Retain 2 lanes on A1A
    • Improves access, reduces peak congestion
    • Better fits residential/resort setting
    • Enhances pedestrian realm
street improvements cont d
Street Improvements (cont’d)
  • Clean up awkward intersections
    • Seabreeze/A1A
    • Birch Rd/Cortez
    • Sebastian/Seabreeze Boulevard
  • Birch Rd as a neighborhood street
    • Narrow (28 feet for travel lanes)
parking guidelines
Parking Guidelines
  • Modest additions (300-400 spaces now)
  • More as development/activities increase
  • Locate close to destinations (400-500 feet)
  • Locate along Seabreeze Boulevard
  • Understand market
pedestrians and bikes
Pedestrians and Bikes
  • Set pedestrian priorities in core
  • 25 mph speed limits in all areas between Harbor Drive and Bayshore Street
  • Reclaim sidewalk space from poorly located poles, street furniture
  • Maximize sidewalk width
  • Improve amenities at transit stops
  • 2-way bike circulation on A1A, Seabreeze Boulevard
beach circulator
Beach Circulator
  • Consider high frequency route (5 to 15 minutes)
  • Operate daily in peak season, weekends in off-peak
  • Distinctive appearance and high convenience
  • $440,000 operating cost per year
water routes
Water Routes
  • New destinations:
    • Bonnet House
    • Hugh Birch Taylor State Park
    • North Beach Community
    • Marina/Public Market
  • New gateway
  • Wayfinding
  • Regulatory
  • Increase parking revenues and profits
  • Build a comprehensive parking data base
  • Fulfill a parking deficit of 500 spaces
  • Identify 6 parking facilities
  • Establish a Parking Authority
benefits cont d
Benefits (cont’d)
  • Acquire, construct, improve, maintain and operate parking
  • Generate more profits thru leasing retail space
  • Airspace above/ground space below may be sold or leased
  • Issue bonds secured by pledge of revenue
benefits cont d1
Benefits (cont’d)
  • Ability to acquire site
  • Establish a phased parking growth plan
update master plan zoning
Update Master Plan & Zoning
  • Public participation is paramount to success
  • Use photo simulation to illustrate development and compatibility
  • Use sector plans for special locations
  • Independent technical design review
  • Reduce the political process
  • Substitute the master plan for non-conforming use and compatibility provisions
Bahia Mar

Aquatic Hall of Fame

Public Beach Facilities

Public Market

Las Olas Park/A1A

Water Taxi/Bus

A1A Promenade

North Beach Community

Sunrise Beach Village


Mid-City Garage

Bonnet House

Taylor Birch St Pk

bahia mar
Bahia Mar
  • Must be a win for everyone
  • International Boat Show central location
  • Design must maintain the resort community ambiance
  • Active street character: transparent and accessible
  • Excellent example of private public partnership
aquatic hall of fame
Aquatic Hall of Fame
  • Major family attraction, 50K annual room nights
  • Validates the international attraction and beach identity
  • Scheduled $25M in renovations to meet international standards
  • Keep the Hall of Fame . . Keep the identity
public beach facilities public market
Public Beach Facilities & Public Market
  • The site is a natural
  • The connection is complete: Public Market to Las Olas Park to Beach and Promenade
  • Wave wall--tremendous investment and iconic image
  • Beach facilities--restrooms, concessions, police precinct, lifeguard facilities
  • Public sector sets the quality standard
las olas park at a1a beach center
Las Olas Park at A1ABeach Center
  • Plaza with active entertaining open space and parking
  • Interactive water feature
  • Performing arts stage
  • Focus development at the northwest and southwest corners
  • Expand beachside promenade
  • Assure quality design--public sector leads
palazzo las olas
Palazzo Las Olas
  • Excellent opportunity for beach gateway
  • Flexibility of height vs. building forms
  • Parking could be scaled back
resort promenade the a1a streetfront
Resort Promenade:The A1A Streetfront
  • Design guidelines
  • Encourage active streetside uses
  • Cart/kiosk concessions
north beach community a heart for north beach
North Beach Community:A Heart for North Beach
  • A place for true neighborhoods
  • Preservation, adaptive reuse, new construction
  • An infill opportunity
  • Transit improvements
sunrise village north beach anchor
Sunrise Village:North Beach Anchor
  • Recommend public parking facility to allow change
  • Good parking intercept location for visitors
  • Adaptation of buildings constrained by parking limit
other catalysts
Other Catalysts
  • Water taxi - best ride in town
  • Mid-beach garage
  • Bonnet House connection
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
  • Public beach renourishment
development that is responsive to a community vision is possible with a solid strategy in place
Development that is responsive to a community vision is possible with a solid strategy in place
  • An updated Beach Master Plan
  • Consistent approval process
  • Communication of “The Vision”
  • Best use of public funds
  • Sound public intervention strategies
definitional issues
Definitional Issues
  • Redevelopment
    • The big “R”
    • The little “r”
    • A hybrid
implementation strategy highlights
Implementation Strategy Highlights
  • Update Master Plan
    • Review and consolidate prior studies
    • Identify areas of opportunities
    • Define linkages
Community Outreach/Public Participation Process
    • Outside team of consultants
    • Skilled in public facilitation
    • Selected as part of RFP
    • No affiliation
Utilize Public Intervention Tools & Techniques
    • Site assembly
    • Marketing, promotion and special events
    • Business Improvement District/Assessment District
    • Economic incentives
    • Public facilities and services
Define Public Sector Role in Private Development Projects
    • Lack of financial motivation
    • Facilitator
    • Leverage with investment in infrastructure
    • Certainty/ease of entitlements
Expand Funding Options to Accomplish Vision
    • Developer Advance with project specific repayment
    • City commitment of resources
    • Invest in design/entitlements for capital projects
    • Use existing public assets as leverage/catalyst
    • Bond programs, grants, other public funding opportunities
Modify City Organization and Staffing
    • High level “champion” for the beach
    • Provide additional dedicated staff resources
    • Elected officials mandate of support
private public sector coordination a key to quality redevelopment
Private & Public Sector Coordination:A Key to Quality Redevelopment
  • A Shared Vision of Reality
    • Understanding the compromise of redevelopment
    • Relieving stakeholder concerns through ample public services
    • Redirecting private sector involvement
financial reality in resort community real estate development
Financial Reality in Resort Community Real Estate Development

Risks/Rewards and Hotel, Residential and Retail Development

- Diverging Risks post recession and 9/11

- Land use restriction and market reality


Hotels + Condo=Lower Risk

*Land as “Place”

*Density, Profit and certainty

location location and timing
Location, Location and …..Timing
  • Leadership, Compromise and a quality resort community
redevelopment initiative timeline

Modify City Organization and Staff

Identify and empower

The Beach Champion

Dedicate additional staff resources


Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5

Redevelopment Initiative Timeline
master plan update

Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5


Community Workshop Process

Independent marketing and design consultant

Concerned Participants

Independent Consultants Report

Significant Zoning Design and Approval Process

Master Plan Update
concurrent completion of public initiatives

Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5

Concurrent Completion of Public Initiatives



Street Improvements


Parking Authority

Market Assessment

Designed property acquisition


concurrent completion of public initiatives1

Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5

Concurrent Completion of Public Initiatives


Parks and Open Spaces

Public Catalyst Projects

Beach Promenade

Beach Facilities

Las Olas Park

Core Area Parking

Public Market

concurrent continuation of approved future private projects

Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5

Concurrent Continuation of Approved & Future Private Projects



Mixed Use

High Density condominium and rental housing


Driven by market demand and financial imperatives

Driven by market demand and financial imperatives

Current high demand with good financial feasibility.

Limited by state imposed maximum

Small projects or within mixed use projects.

Driven by market.


The Vision:

“A Resort Community with a Beach Lifestyle”

recommended market focus
Recommended Market Focus
  • A strong economic base with tourism and marine related engines
  • More moderately-priced family segments are a good fit
  • Upgrade street-level retail and physical appearance to extend visitor stay
  • Encourage revitalization of historic properties
  • Identify locations for marine-related and professional office space
planning design recommendations
Planning & Design Recommendations
  • Convert A1A to 2-way
  • Eliminate disconnect between code language and approved projects
  • Enforce guidelines to create pedestrian friendly environment (more water taxi-stops, better signage for wayfinding)
Regulatory environment that encourages development
  • Develop beachfront facilities
  • Enhance resort image
  • Improve auto, bicycle, pedestrian circulation and start a beachfront circulator
  • Expand parking facilities in six areas and establish a parking authority
development strategies for the city to follow
Development Strategies for the City to Follow
  • Update Master Plan
  • Make approval process more open and predictable
  • Conduct independent design review
  • Build on 14 catalytic initiatives to create a quality visitor, tourist and residential experience
  • Enact PUD Ordinance
implementation recommendations
Implementation Recommendations
  • Designate a“Beach Champion”
  • Expand special events
  • Commit greater public investment
  • Foster private investment
  • Find workable compromises on contentious issues
  • Phase-in projects