internal vs external recruitment n.
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Internal vs. External Recruitment. Heidi Safian 4/15/14. Internal Recruitment. The assessment of an employer’s current staff to ascertain if any current employees are sufficiently skilled or qualified to perform required job vacancies.

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internal recruitment
Internal Recruitment
  • The assessment of an employer’s current staff to ascertain if any current employees are sufficiently skilled or qualified to perform required job vacancies.
  • When a business engages in internal recruitment, a current employee might be reassigned to the new position by giving them either a promotion or an internal transfer.


mcdonald s internal recruitment
McDonald’s & Internal Recruitment

Hamburger University

Oak Brook, Illinois

  • Founded in 1961
  • Since its opening more than 80,000 restaurant managers, mid-managers and owner/operators have graduated from this facility.

DonThompson, CEO

Robotics Engineer

Jim Skinner, former CEO

Restaurant Manager Trainee

Charlie Bell, former CEO

Entry Level Crew Member

Fred Turner, former CEO

Grill Operator

external recruitment
External Recruitment
  • External recruitment is a type of recruitment where organizations rely on suitable applicants from outside the organization to fill a vacancy. Methods of external recruitment include headhunting, advertisements, data base search on job sites and contract staffing.




A corporation or individual that provides employment recruiting services. A headhunter is hired by firms to find talent, and to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements

pros and cons internal recruitment
Pros and ConsInternal Recruitment


  • Easier to assess applicants since more information is available
  • Less costly and quicker than an external search
  • Promoted employee is already familiar with organization policies, culture, etc.
  • Improve employee morale and organization loyalty


  • Narrowing of thinking and stale ideas
  • Internal politics (discontent of rejected workers, employees discount new boss’ knowledge)
  • Smaller talent pool / fewer applicants
pros and cons external recruitment
Pros and ConsExternal Recruitment


  • Provides new ideas / fresh perspectives
  • Could initiate a turnaround
  • Hiring experienced employees can reduce training needed
  • Internal politics may be avoided
  • Bigger talent pool / more applicants


  • Less information available on applicants
  • Search takes longer and costs more
  • Outsider takes a longer time to become familiar with current systems and organization culture
  • Destroys incentive of present employees to strive for promotion
  • Can hurt employee morale and loyalty
multiple choice
Multiple Choice

1.) What is one advantage of external recruiting?

a.) Less costly than internal recruiting

b.) Provides new ideas and fresh perspectives

c.) Easier to access employee information

d.) Employee is familiar with company’s culture

What definition best describes a headhunter?

a.) A corporation or individual that provides employment recruiting services

b.) A person who oversees which employees to layoff

c.) A person that oversees management


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