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Success 100. Heald College Teri Tosspon, M.A. . Course Requirements. Student Planner Assignments Personal Portfolio Assignments In-class handouts and bookwork Homework Quizzes and Final exam Participation in classroom discussions and activities Planner use—will be checked every class.

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success 100

Success 100

Heald College

Teri Tosspon, M.A.

course requirements
Course Requirements
  • Student Planner Assignments
  • Personal Portfolio Assignments
  • In-class handouts and bookwork
  • Homework
  • Quizzes and Final exam
  • Participation in classroom discussions and activities
  • Planner use—will be checked every class
instructor information
Instructor Information
  • Instructor Information
  • Teri Tosspon, M.A
  • (949) 981-6769
  • Office hours: MWF afternoons and by appointment
grading policy
Grading Policy
  • Exams 40%
  • Projects and Assignments 50%
    • Planner, Portfolio, Homework, etc
  • Participation 10%
    • 2-3 graded activities per class
  • Carter, C., Bishop, J., & Kravits, S.L. (2009). Keys to Successful Teaching(6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN 013512879X
  • Student Planner
  • Student Online Companion web site:
about teri tosspon
About Teri Tosspon
  • Born on a farm in the middle of Nebraska


  • University of Nebraska- Lincoln - Masters
  • Oxford University, England
  • University of California Irvine – Masters/PhD
  • If you miss 14 days in a row, you will be dropped.
  • Studies have shown that 85% attendance is minimum for success.
  • There are graded activities during class period
  • If you need to miss class, Call MRS TOSSPON as soon as you know you are going to be absent (949-981-6769).
makeup policy
Makeup Policy
  • Each student has the opportunity to make up one missed major in-class graded event.
  • You MAY make up one (1) quiz or exam.

Blue or White Scrubs for MEDICAL

Layer appropriately- White Only

NO Canvas/Fabric Shoes- It’s a hazard!

Shoes must be covered- no holes

Or open toed

No Piercings and/or excessive


WHITE shoes- Leather only,

Must have a defined heel

No Piping on Scrubs

No Externship Scrubs

WHITE Outerwear

only!!!! NO HOODS



Professional Attire Example



Professional Attire Example







homework and class work
Homework and class Work
  • All homework is due on the due date at the beginning of the class period. No late homework will be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Homework should be typed, double-spaced, left justified (not centered), a readable size 12 or 14 font, and printed in black ink. You can print on campus.
  • All class work must be done in class and turned in that day and at the time specified.
  • If you are absent or tardy or leave class, you cannot make up the class work (including quizzes) that you missed.
  • Your name should be on all of your work.
how to get an a
How to Get an “a”
  • Show up on time to each class. Do not miss class, come tardy, or leave early.
  • Be prepared for each class with your homework and studying done.
  • Follow the directions and be mindful of the grading rubric for each assignment.
  • Pay attention to your syllabus. All homework and quizzes are listed in the syllabus.
  • Work hard—make a true effort with your homework and class work.
  • Participate in class discussions and activities.
  • Be diligent, responsible, and a good citizen of the class. (This means, among other things, being respectful of everyone, including yourself. Put away your cell phone. Put away your food.)
  • If you are experiencing some issue that is interfering with your ability to perform at your best in this class, please contact me and let me know. I am here to help you, and I can do a better job of that if you keep me informed of what’s going on with you.
  • Get your work done early. Waiting until the last minute may mean not having your work done because of unforeseen problems with computers, printers, etc.
course schedule
Course Schedule
  • See Pg 3-8 of the Syllabus
  • Write EVERY due date in your planner TODAY.

Topics to be covered on that day

Homework: due at the next meeting

Assignments are to be typed and emailed or printed.

personal portfolio
Personal Portfolio
  • Prepare a career plan
    • identify your personal strengths,
    • set realistic career goals,
    • develop a resume, and
    • engage in other activities that will support your personal and professional success.
  • Each activity is worth 10 points. Each activity should be complete and easy to read. Professional language should be used at all times.
personal portfolio activities
Personal Portfolio Activities
  • #1- Setting Career Goals (pg 29)
  • #2- Plans for Success: Career Goals (pg 61)
  • #3- Self-Portrait Think Link (pg 92)
  • #4- Generating Ideas for Internships (pg 130)
  • #5- Reading Skills on the Job (pg 168)
  • #6- Learning more about career success (pg 205)
  • #7- On-the-Job Testing (pg 238)
  • #8- A Job Interview Cover Letter (pg 272)
  • #9- Compiling a Resume (pg 306)
  • #10- Wellness at Work (pg 340)
  • #11- Be Specific About Your Job Needs (pg 377)
  • #12- Revisit Your Successful Intelligence (pg 399)
student planner benchmarks
Student Planner benchmarks
  • Demonstrate communication, time management, critical thinking, study skills, and literacy skills that support academic and professional success
  • Recognize the benefits of self-motivation, self-management, and personal responsibility on career planning and development
  • Explain the relationship between physical health, psychological well being, and healthy lifestyles to personal growth and development
student planner assignments
Student Planner Assignments
  • Example Week 1:
  • Record class times, class prep times, study times, and commute times. (In Planner)
  • Write down academic due dates for projects, papers, tests, and presentations. (In Planner)
  • Write a one-paragraph reflection on how this may help you in school and on the job. (Typed and handed in)
success 100 final
Success 100 Final
  • Prepare an oral presentation on the four questions found in Chapter 12.
  • Provide me with either an outline or a printout of your PPT, if you choose to do a Power Point Presentation with your oral presentation.
  • Each of the four questions is worth a possible 20 points, and the professionalism of your presentation is worth a possible total of 20 points.
  • Total points possible: 100
computer cell phone usage
Computer/cell phone Usage
  • During lectures, presentations, and discussion monitors should be turned off unless otherwise approved.
  • If you need to take a call during class hours, immediately leave the room.
  • Do not have a conversation (voice or text) in the classroom.