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BioSUCCEED : An Instructional Platform for Biomass & Bioenergy

BioSUCCEED : An Instructional Platform for Biomass & Bioenergy. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Lucia, L.A. ;. Hubbe , M.A.; Kelley, S.S.; Venditti , R.A .; Jameel , H .; Filpponen , I.; Cao , X.; Schimmel , K.A.; Rials , T.G. 15 th June 2011. * Objectives *.

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BioSUCCEED : An Instructional Platform for Biomass & Bioenergy

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  1. BioSUCCEED: An Instructional Platform for Biomass & Bioenergy North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Lucia, L.A.;. Hubbe, M.A.; Kelley, S.S.; Venditti, R.A.; Jameel, H.; Filpponen, I.; Cao, X.; Schimmel, K.A.; Rials, T.G. 15th June 2011

  2. * Objectives * Provide the final, conciseinternationaloverview of our USDA-sponsored teaching & research program in biomass & bioenergy Evoke your interest in its continued existence and promotion at your place of work, research, learning, living

  3. The basis for its inception Predicted (smooth) • In 2006, President Bush laid out a vision for the production of “bio”-energy • A critical confluence of science & policy • He called for renewable resource exploitation and self-sufficiency • We assembled BioSUCCEEDin the wake of that historic moment • A Southern Triumvirate was assembled: NCSU, NCA&T, UT-AC • Each has great strengths in biomass & bioenergy training, education, research, and extension Actual Shown above is “Hubbert’s Peak” – a geological assessment (1956) of Annual Oil Production vs. year See: watd.wuthering-heights.co.uk/subpages/hubbertmaths/hubbertmaths.html

  4. What is BioSUCCEED? • Acronym: BioproductsSustainability, a University Cooperative Center for Excellence in EDucation • A virtual teaching & training Center located at: www.biosucceed.com • Addressing the biomass changes going on at the grass roots level

  5. Let’s look at highlights of survey data (impacts) • http://www.surveymonkey.com/MySurveys.aspx • N = 34 • Data was classified as important • Most believed that Renewables will have big part of our economy in next 20 years • 56% indicated that the program enhanced lives in some tangible way (# 6, 7)

  6. http://www.biosucceed.com • Biomass Fundamentals • Characterization • Biological Processing • Thermal Conversion (coming soon) • Solid-State Composites • Life Cycle Analysis

  7. What were the mechanics to Succeed? • Visits among Universities & monthly update/progress meetings • Coordination of work output within the six (6) courses developed: outlines, laboratories, research exercises, new teaching tools, & papers/publications • Central website (www.biosucceed.com) • Development of survey • Conferences & reports

  8. Biggest problems & solutions • Involvement of people & Feedback • First: post-assessment intervention survey – too DIFFICULT to do well (anecdotal information is what we want) • Second: getting surveys completed is a losing proposition; we elected to do it at Conferences and with targeted groups (USP, classes)

  9. Interconnectivity! • http://biosucceed.blogspot.com/2011/06/2011-nactadoce-presentations.html • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_396008630920&ap=1 • https://communities.acs.org/groups/biosucceed/blog/2011/06/06/nactadoce-2011-conference-presentations • http://twitter.com/

  10. Magnum Opus: Textbook accepted • A textbook will be coming out of this work that will be published and marketed by Wiley ! • Tentative title: Introduction to Renewable Biomaterials: First Principles and Concepts • A detailed table of contents (chapter titles and author details) submitted to Wiley by 1st August 2011 • Asample chapter submitted to Wiley by 1st March 2012 (they use this to assess the level of copy-editing required) • Delivery date for the completed manuscript of 1stJune 2012 • This schedule would result in publication around December 2012.

  11. In conclusion, what did we learn? This area is FUN, HIGHLY USEFUL, and makes a DIFFERENCE in people’s lives We wrote some cool papers on the work we have been doing that teach a lot about biomass (http://www.ncsu.edu/biosucceed/why.html) For example, we were invited by Chem. Rev. to discuss work in cellulose nanocrystals (this journal gets a lot of citations, ergo, influence) Working together is a great way to develop a synergy and momentum

  12. Thanksforyourattention!Pleasewritetous: biosucceed@ncsu.eduwithyourquestions, comments, concerns, advice, and suggestions…

  13. Acknowledgments • NC State University, NCA&T, UT • Laboratory of Soft Materials & Green Chemistry • Gregory Smith, Program Officer USDA • Special thanks to Richard Norris, Dustin Duckwall, Greg Robinson, Charlie Morris, Joshua Gira

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