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Tanner Tools Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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Tanner Tools Tutorial

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Tanner Tools Tutorial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S-Edit v13.0 Tutorial. Tanner Tools Tutorial. Tanner Tools consists of the following. L-Edit: Layout editing. LVS: Layout vs. Schematic. S-Edit: Schematic Entry. T-Spice: Simulation. W-Edit: Waveform formatting. This is S-Edit. For creating new design go File->New->New design.

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Tanner Tools consists of the following

L-Edit: Layout editing

LVS: Layout vs. Schematic

S-Edit: Schematic Entry

T-Spice: Simulation

W-Edit: Waveform formatting


For creating new design go

File->New->New design

levels of design in s edit
Levels of design in S-Edit
  • The highest level in the S-Edit design hierarchy is the design file. Files contain modules, which can contain primitive objects or reference to other modules.
  • A module can further have pages.
  • S-Edit has 2 viewing modes, Schematic mode and Symbol mode. We can switch between 2 modes using the tabs in the tool bar or using a question mark (?).

Select tool

Draw wire

Label Node


Library file path:

…\Tanner EDA\Tanner Tools v13.0\Libraries\All\All.tanner

Click here to

add libraries

Browse the library file from the path above and hit OK


Select Devices.

  • Select NMOS.
  • Click Instance. Instance Cell window appears.
  • In Instance Cell window:
    • change Instance name
    • change L
    • change W
  • Click anywhere in drawing window to instance the NMOS device
  • In Instance Cell window, click Done
some useful tips
Some useful tips
  • To move an object: Press Alt, click the object, and move it.
  • For zoom in and zoom out, use + and –.
  • To view/edit object properties, select object and use CTRL+E.
  • Do not use space in your design names.
  • Do not use special characters in port names.

Input port

Output port

Vdd from library Misc

Input port

Vdd from library Misc

Output port

PMOS from library Devices

Vss from library Misc

Gnd from library Misc


Now we are ready to create a symbol for the schematic design


Create a symbol for the schematic design

Create a symbol for the schematic design